Painter’s Block.

I took a month off of painting after the baby. And now I have work to do… but why is it that when you have a deadline and expectations you make complete crap?

Two days of completely fruitless work…. I just cant get my groove back. I have painter’s block!

A lot of you think that making this kind of art is easy. And sometimes it is. But there are other times, when no matter what you do, the painting is just ugly. There is a fine line between a mushy abstract that looks good and a mushy abstract that looks like throw up. And a HUGE part of that is knowing when to stop.

The problem is that I started the week off not wanting to paint. I usually have an itch to go make something and try something new, experiment with a new technique or color combo… this week, nothing. All I want to do is make hex bracelets and take pictures. (Although now I want to make a painting using Miles’s last color combo.)

I tried something new yesterday though…. I made a version of my “rainbow maps” series… Usually I like those no matter what. But it flopped:

The colors, the “maps”, the whole thing was just BAD to me. So I tried to do something else I’ve never done:

I tried to paint inside the maps, and make a colorful looking grid. But I wanted the whole thing to be watery… and it ended up just looking strange. There are pieces of this painting that I love, but in general, I hate the overall look. If I could cut it up into small 8 x 10 pieces I would like it. One thing I do love about it is the color  combinations. (UPDATE: I worked on this painting and now I LOVE it!)

The only painting I liked from the entire day is this one:

It’s really simple and thats what I like about it. It’s not overwrought like the rest of the paintings I made yesterday.

And this guy, almost forgot about him:

Dont know what I think about that one yet.

And thats it… Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to work I go.


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  1. I think all these are awesome…but #3 in particular, I TOTALLY dig! You should keep painting inside the maps…that one would come out killer!

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    Aw thanks! It felt like I was on to something, but something wasn’t right… I’m going to try again later.

  3. Well I am glad you like the lines, because I love that one. Quit beating yourself up!!!