From one, many.

Experimenting with photography of my paintings… I LOVE this idea.

I like this so much better than the idea of selling exact replicas of my artwork. I never really wanted to do that. But this… photographic interpretations of them… Well… Its making me REALLY excited. I love this. That way someone could buy a unique piece, it could be more affordable, in any size and I feel like I created a new piece of art instead of just selling a copy.

From one painting (the one I made yesterday… still working on that one!):

From the painting in my living room over the striped chair. It’s not for sale and its probably my favorite ever:

Another random shot I took today: 

From a piece I did this summer:

Thoughts? The first series is my favorite so far.

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  1. I love it (my fave is actually the second batch). I guess now all that remains is to see how it looks printed. I really admire your brilliant ideas.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I know… Lets see how they look. I ordered some prints a few days ago… I need to order a test batch of these. Im so excited!

  2. sarah, flourish design + style says:

    Nicole, these are amazing..have to say I’m pretty excited too! x

  3. These are so beautiful!

  4. These are absolutely stunning!!

  5. I love the idea of selling the photos and I love your paintings, though I wish the photos were a bit cripser/better quality

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      LOL. I did that on purpose. I changed the shutter speed so that it would be blurry! I wanted the photographs to have painterly qualities to them themselves…Im going to keep experimenting so dont worry.

      • haha ok sounds good – I’d love to buy one!

        • Nicole Cohen says:

          Im picking up my first batch tomorrow. I ordered some 8 x 10s and a few 24 x 36 to see how the quality was…

  6. grace says:

    i am obsessed over these!!!!

  7. Very cool concept! I love it!

  8. I know I’ve said it before but I must own one of these- the darn kitchen spending is getting in the way of my art buying but these could so be the answer- I’m loving the 2nd on. Could they be made in any size? Would need something large?
    This is such a brilliant idea…can’t wait to see/here how the test stripes turned out.

  9. Argh…my comment got erased:( Anyhoo…love these- I have’t been able to buys any art lately because of the kitchen spending but these might just be the answer. I love the second on- could you print them large? I can’t wait to see/hear how the test prints work out. This is such a brilliant idea. LOVE!

  10. Great idea! These look perfect and I could see many of them coming home with me!

  11. I don’t necessarily like everything you do, but I love that you truly are a “laboratory of ideas”. You’re constantly stretching yourself and you gush creativity! That’s very inspiring.

  12. I think I like these better than the paintings. Not that I don’t like them, but this is taking it a step further and I like how the photos become very graphic representations of the original. This is a great new direction. Print them BIG!!

  13. Nicole Cohen says:

    I agree!! Some of them are better than the paintings! It adds another layer…. I have to say- the second series- the painting in my living room is still my favorite- better than the photos.

  14. Eddie Cohen says:

    love it!

  15. so happy to discover your blog/work today. very exciting stuff. love the idea of creating photos of paintings as a separate body of work.

  16. I went out of the country for a week and came back to another of your brilliant ideas! Love you!