Brought to you with love by the VISUAL VAMP.

***Nicole here… I’m just stopping in to say this post made me cry. Granted the hormones are raging. But really Val, tears.

Visual Vamp here, doing this guest post for Nicole. If I were in New York, I would go over and mop her floors, serve her breakfast in bed, cook dinner for the hubs, and babysit Cookie.

The other day a vintage desk and dresser were delivered to a client for her little boy’s room. There were some things left in the desk drawers, and the little boy was thrilled to find “treasure”. Among the things were a double strand of costume jewelry pearls and a lady’s frilly handkerchief, which he gave to his mother. He also found sea shells and an bottle of India ink. One item in particular puzzled him. He didn’t know what is was. What he found was a 45 record. His mother explained that this is what we played music on before CDs and iPods. I plan to give him a record player.

This vintage desk had treasure in the drawers

What other things will babies being born now not know about? Typewriters, wrist watches, putting film in a camera, remembering some one’s phone number, rotary dial (or even push button land line) phones, fax machines, answering machines…well you get the idea. See more HERE

Anyway, babies are on my mind, because beautiful, talented and generous-of-heart, Nicole of Sketch 42 just had her second child, a baby boy.

Guess who this baby is? It’s  Baby Jenny!

Nicole, Jenny (MFAMB Home), Erica (Design Blahg), and I are the four musketeers. We are fast friends because of blogging. I have met Nicole and Jenny, but not Erica (yet), and the four of us have fostered a friendship based on our love of good decor, free speech, fair play, humor, respect, and honesty.

Baby Erica with her mom

There is a generational relationship going on here. I could either be any one of their mothers, or even grandmothers. Yet the years between us don’t divide us. We may be decor snobs, but we are not ageist.

Baby Visual Vamp

By the time Nicole’s new baby boy is thirty, I will be a very old lady. With how quickly things are moving, so much will be way different thirty years from now.

What will the future hold for babies born now?
photo by
Carla Coulson

Maybe Baby Boy will come and visit his mother’s old friend and marvel or laugh at all the antiques in my home, like the trusty old lap top I blogged on and made friends with his mother on. Blogs will be long dead for sure ha ha, and I will have fun trying to tell him what they were.

I hope baby books will still be around when Nicole is a grandmother

I think back to my grandmother’s home, truly my most favorite place on earth, and recall all the old things that did not exist in my parent’s home, and how I found that so fascinating. One of the most strange and beautiful things was an old photograph of my mother pregnant with me. I would look at it for hours, knowing I was there too, waiting to be born.

Baby Nicole, who is now a mother of two

I wish Nicole and her husband her daughter and her new son all the happiness I feel in my heart for them, and wish them a future filled with marvels and love.

Baby cards from the era when I was born

V*i*s*u*a*l V*a*m*p

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  1. so sweet. what a generous and lovely sentimental post valorie. i am lucky to call you my friend.

  2. A beautiful look at the human side of today’s technology!

  3. Such a totally touching post- time passes so very quickly and it’s moments like the birth of a new little precious bundle that you see the circle of life just spinning and spinning- total cheeseballs but so very ture. Beautiful post and a giant warm congrats again to you Nicole. xo

  4. Lauren says:

    How exciting for the boy who found the treasures and what a sweet post!

  5. jbhat says:

    Waah! That WAS incredibly moving. Hooray for blogs, babies, and good friends.


  6. Makes me want to see all the baby bloggers…and try to match them up to their rightful blogs.
    Just shows how precious and fleeting time is.

  7. wow…. that was was moving– and my hormones aren’t going crazy!!!

    What a thought. Things do move some quickly- its nice to stop and take a snapshot of the present.

  8. I just teared up. Damn period. Beautiful post!

  9. Oh sheesh, now I’m crying too! This was the sweetest thing EVER! Vamp for President!

  10. Molly Marler says:

    Oh my goodness!!! WOW! That was incredibly sweet. And lovely. Wonderful job, Val.

  11. Marielle says:

    That last picture wins my heart. What a heart-warming post! And Valorie, I feel so lucky that I get to do anything and everything for my big sis and her beautiful family!!! Much love <3

  12. What a sweet post Valorie just gets me every time. Big congrats to you!

  13. sweetest post…just made my day!


  14. congrats love!

    great post ms vamp! you always have great insight and have a gift with nostalgia. you’re right; a lot of my daily tech gadgets will be relics of the past to my children. hopefully they look at them the way I do to the things at my grandmother’s house.

  15. grace says:

    what a beautiful post!!!