RHOBH RECAP: Reunion Part 2: Cedric the Entertainer.

So first of all: I got some inside scoop on the “WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT YOU THERE WITHOUT KELSEY!” comment.

Living in NYC you get all kinds of inside information, and this one is a doozy. Word was passed my way via one of the housewive’s NYC hairdresser/makeup artist. Apparently, this was not to be discussed at the Bravo Reunion and that there was a moment when Camille looked at Andy and said “Can I say it” but the answer was NO.

Can she say what?

That Bravo had a wee little budget for filming and that what they were REALLY discussing in that scene is:

“Why is Bravo sending the (only available) camera crew with YOU to Hawaii if Kelsey isnt going to be there, instead of coming with me when MY WHOLE FAMILY is going to Mexico for Spring Break.” – Kyle.

Do I know if this is true? NO. Can I see it being true? Yes.



He is the biggest piece of crap that ever existed. Everything he said about Lisa is just so awful. Making it like Lisa used him as a little puppy dog? And that he should have been PAID to be her companion?!?

Not to mention his shirt was unbuttoned to his belly button during the interview? UGH!!!

“HER EGO was so big!? Im NOT Jiggy?”

“Being with Ken and Lisa was like being paid in flowers and puppies.”

“She is a parody of herself.”

“Lisa come back to reality, you used to be fun.”

Then finding out that he tried to blackmail Ken!?!?!? OH boy. AWFUL. So awful.

I do believe he is a fame hungry bastard. (But how annoying was it when Kyle brought up Paris, ugh.)


Living in BH does come with a price for her. And her whole story about working to hard… Its sad. I felt so bad for her when her face was trying to cry.

Did anyone notice that Kim was the only one that said that Taylor needs to take some responsibilty for her crappy marriage? “You need to wait for him, not walk ahead of him…” YES!

Then Adrienne said – “Well you know, she has lost respect for him.” Thats what I got out of this whole season. Sure he is inattentive, but she is dismissive! She talks about him like all he is nothing but an ATM!

Husband Interlude:

Paul had some new facial hair – What did you think of that goatee?

OF COURSE Adrienne is the only one who signed a prenup. GOOD MOVE BABY! (Probably explains while Russell hasn’t divorced Taylor yet. Or vice versa- since he claimed “the recession” as one of the reasons he works so hard. Maybe she wants to wait until his bank account recovers before she takes him for all he’s got?)


KISSING other husbands ON THE LIPS. Um. Yea, still no.

How much do you love Ken? He has such a cute sense of humor.

I love how he calls her Leeza…


Well, they wouldnt really tell us ANYTHING we wanted to know. And I guess that is their right! Just because they are on TV doesnt mean they have to tell us EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT THEMSELVES? Right?

BUT Lets discuss: Is KYLE a “bully”? UMMMMM, Im on the fence.

She is definitely a tough broad. And I think she holds people to high standards of toughness. I dont think she is mean, but just that she expecets others to be as strong and capable as she is.

And like Kim said- “You have a husband, you have a home, you know where you are going to live. I dont.”

Well, I agree. Its not really a fair fight now, is it?

Is Kim an alcoholic? We still have no idea.

The Medium and faye:

My favorite thing about hearing them talk about Allison Dubios is that they all think it is WAY more likely that Allison was getting an incorrect “read” on Kyle- and what she was really seeing was Camille’s future-  YUP- that is way more likely than the fact that this woman is a total quack.

And I’m glad they talked about how absolutely sick it is to say “When their kids go missing they can go eff themselves because I wont help them.” Along with “I know when they are all going to die.”


And then about Faye: Apparently according to Kyle Faye is a perfect angel and it was Kyle who passed around the pictures AFTER the party. Well, anything goes in my book after that party, but still Kyle: Your mean little slip is showing.

I gotta say, this is a crappy recap because I think it was an EH reunion. It was like writing a recap of a recap. I have literally talked about this until I was blue in the face, and I think I got all my thoughts out last week…. you know where I defended Camille (because she lives in her own world where sycophants have their heads up her butt 24/7 and simply had no idea how awful she was because no one- NO ONE – in the past 13 years has ever disagreed with her before.)

I dont think we got any new information other than the Cedric story, and the women didnt really throw each other under the bus at all, except for Kyle and Camille.

So – that was it. It wasnt nearly as crazy as the whole “scary island” reunion.


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  1. Lauren says:

    I was disappointed with the reunion. Again it centered around Camille when they could have been discussing other things. Perhaps when Andy called out Taylor for starting the fight at her party he could have showed the clip of her calling Camille insecure or the fact that she was the one who pulled Camille aside in NY to tell her what happened at the airport.

    I’m over Kyle. The Paris comment was just another example of how badly she wishes she was famous and I don’t doubt for a second that she was upset that the crew would be filming Camille and not her.

    The Cedric segment was the most shocking of the night. I could have pictured him using the family but was not expecting to hear that he tried blackmailing them!

    Do you think the second season (if there is one) will be any good?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Your inside piece of information makes some sense out of the entire, ridiculous argument that has been going on all season. I too am over Kyle.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said, but I found the reunion to be such a bore.

  3. It was really boring, right? Especially because it was a two-parter; I think the first part was more interesting. I am SO OVER the whole Kyle/Camille/Kelsey is more important bit, but your insider info does seem to explain some of it.

    And, yeah, I get that it would’ve been tough to say anything and regress with Kyle and Kim, but it was soooo boring. I don’t watch these shows for people to be respectful of each other!

    Now on to RH of New York!

  4. I was waiting for it to become juicy and it never did-pretty much just because Kyle and Kim didn’t really discuss what was going on. As you say, it is their right, but I was really anticipating getting some answers. Oh well!

    Kyle started off as many people’s favorite BH housewife and slowly descended in popularity, until many by the end of the season didn’t like her at all. I don’t know that I would call her a bully…the word bully sure comes up a lot at those reunions as an attack from those less liked (Kelly Bensimon, Camille, etc) to make themselves look like the victim instead of owning their part in the situation.

    I love the inside bit that you got…it does make way more sense. I always wrote off Camille as delusional, because she did talk about Kelsey incessantly and kept talking about coming out of his shadow, so it made sense that she would twist things. But I see, that this explanation makes a lot more sense.

    Cedric makes me absolutely sick. I think he is a true sociopath. He thinks he should get paid to live in Lisa and Ken’s mansion, work out at their private gym, lay around their resort-like pool, and socialize at their restaurants. Doesn’t really sound like a job description to me!

  5. cedric’s awful. hands down. awful.

    perhaps russell wouldn’t be feeling the recession so badly if he hadn’t spent $60,000 on a birthday party.

  6. And when one ends, another one is just around the corner!
    RHNYC is coming up — I can’t decide if I’ll let myself get sucked in. You?!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think you know the answer to that! I feel like I have obligation to watch and recap!

  7. I don’t know if you caught the end of the show but Andy made a toast to celebrate and slipped in “champagne… or sparkling cider, your choice”. I think Kim is definitely struggling with alcohol problems because 1. why would Kyle call her an alcoholic if that wasn’t remotely true? 2. they wouldn’t address the question – if she wasn’t, she would have simply said no I am not.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      She is so strange…. Last night was no exception. And who knows, maybe Kyle bullied her into thinking she has a drinking problem?

      Your points make sense. I guess we just wont know until we have more information.

  8. claudy says:

    the reunion was sooo boring. i fell asleep during it. the only good juice was the Cedric part. as for kyle, i kind of changed my whole opinion of her. shes much colder then i thought. not once did she apologize or tell kim that she loved her. i know we dont know the whole story but i feel like bravos portrayal of kyle is a very tough woman who never admits shes wrong.

  9. I just finished the reunion…snoozeville! I wish we could have heard more skinny on the Kyle/Kim saga, oh well. The whole “bully” thing, REALLY sick of hearing that word. To me a bully is someone who threatens you with harm if you don’t give in to their demands. I think Kyle isn’t a bully as much as is she is a bit of a bitch. Why don’t Camille and Kyle just admit the will NEVER be friends, that in all honesty they hate each other? I call bullshit on their optimisim of having a friendship. LOVE LOVE LOVE Lisa & Ken. Ken’s comment about his sense of humor is having to keep up with Lisa reminds me of my husband and me. I’ve become a lot quicker in my comebacks since marrying him! It’s a matter of survival really… Thanks again for the recaps, bring it on RHONY!

  10. Oh, and Cedric’s a morally corrupt fame whore!

  11. Dori says:

    Your explanation of what Kyle said makes sense unless you want to believe that Camille is delusional.
    Ita the reunion was so boring I also fell asleep!

  12. Wowzers Nicole! I love this. Can you come over and hang out to watch all the RH shows with me? I tried to have a similar recap with my husband…I don’t know, he wasn’t into it. LOL!

    Camille tried to come across as a victim. I still think something WAS/IS going on with her and Nick. They’re relationship is WAY too flirty. And hello, what was up with their ride on the motorcycle? I’m sorry I would NEVER let my husband take a girl that hot (or any girl really) on a spin down PCH on the back of his bike. Weird.

    Kyle is a rich bitch. Plain and simple. She doesn’t like having to take care of her (possibly) alcoholic sis. But really, I don’t think Kim is an alcoholic. I’m really on the fence with that idea. If she was so “drunk” during that blow up in the limo…I didn’t see it. She seemed tipsy, yes..but drunk..wasted even…like the girls implied…not even. SHE was attacked that night by Taylor because Taylor had been confronted by Lisa and I think she didn’t want to be the reason the whole NY fiasco happened.

    Bottomline…why do these chicks make their lives so difficult. Damn. Seriously, I could only wish for such drama in mine!

  13. Oh and Cedric…what an idiot. His true colors were showing the WHOLE time on that show. Can you even imagine acting like that if you were staying at someones’ home? Let alone staying at someones’ home for over a year! Jerk.

  14. Cristy says:

    I’m so glad you do the re-cap! So many times I have wanted to discuss my ideas of what was going on with this show. Anyway in the beginning of the show, before it was totally apparent that Taylor and her husband had actual marital issues it was my opinion that Russell was gay. I don’t mean “happy to be gay” gay but the underground kind.

    He seems completely uninterested in anything that has do with Taylor. I doubt this has to do with the fact that she doesn’t wait for him however that was an interesting point that Kim made (I liked it)and perhaps if she built him up a little he would respond in her favor.

    I also thought Kelsey’s comments in regard to his marriage were insightful at the beginning of the show. He obviously wasn’t into it either even before we found out he wasn’t. I’m not sure how long she actually knew? Was it before the show started? They were totally awkward when she visited him in NY with her kids, “Can I get a little sugar”?

    One more thing… was it strange that Kyle still had so many blatant ill feelings toward Camille at the reunion? Last we really saw, they made up (again). Then she seems to feel bad for being so confrontational toward Camille during the reunion or ever, they both do??

    And…. I love Lisa and it’s lame that Kyle and Taylor were amused by calling her jealous, I think Lisa is way above being a jelly bean, she’s just protective over Kyle as her dear friend.

    Love this blog…

  15. Lindsey says:

    This was probably the most boring reunion ever! I do love how you say “Taylor tried to cry” her face literally does not move. I don’t like Cedric ever more now and the whole Camille/Kyle thing needs to be put to bed. It has dragged on too long. I just did see on Bravo that they are having a “Lost Scene’s” so it should be interesting.

  16. That totally makes sense if that is really what Kyle said to Camille. When I watched the reunion again with this perspective, I felt like you could tell Camille was dying to drop that information.

    Ugh, Cedric…he’s on par with Spencer Pratt.

  17. Hmm, your insider perspective is definitely interesting! I wonder why they wouldn’t let them say it though? Why would it be a secret if that were the case? It would certainly shed some light on why Camille thinks Kyle is jealous, etc.

    Great recap! Can’t believe I didn’t see it until just now! I’m subscribing by email so I don’t miss a post again! :) Have a fab weekend!


  18. wow, that was really interesting about the mystery part of the Kyle and Camille discussion. if it is true that that is what was said, it would explain why Kim was so evasive in answering the question about what happened. Kim basically affirmed what Kyle said … and then said “and the next thing i knew, she was crying.” i always thought it was really, really strange that Kim would just leave the middle part out – i couldn’t tell if she hadn’t heard what happened or if she didn’t want to say it. it’s interesting to think that maybe she wasn’t allowed to say it. and i read or saw other interviews in which Camille was strongly hinting that there were things that she wasn’t allowed to say. very interesting.

    about Russell and Shana’s marriage … i kind of think they are faking the marital problems … for a story line or something … they didn’t pass my lie detector test anyway (see my link if you want to know more).

    thanks for your perspectives – very interesting!

  19. Great recap my dear. I keep wondering if the whole Kelsey/Camille thing wasn’t a set up from the beginning – doesn’t appear that marriage was in good shape when Kelsey shipped off to NYC and it’s certainly gotten them both much needed publicity/attention. Seems like a mighty fine coincidence to have such a great drama just in time for reality TV to come calling…hmmmm


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