Prime Time!

Photos: Unknown to me, DVF Via The Decorista, Via Coco + Kelly.

I’m on a color loving trip lately!!! Maybe its because of all the bright paintings I’ve been making, maybe its because I’m longing for spring or summer, I dont know… But all the bright and pretty colors are calling my name lately! Enjoy!

*I received 3 emails in the last few days asking me how I make these moodboards. I use a program called Pages for Mac. You can check out the recap post I did on the Lavish Session I presented with Design Blahg.

**Also, I need to hire someone to totally reorganize the back end of my blog. Categorize pictures and posts… I want to add a sidebar or category bar where you can find everything labeled neatly… for example: Blogging Tips, Sources, etc etc. Anyone?


1. Flamestitch Tray $24

2. Lacquer Soap Pump $24

3. Yellow Lamp $480

4.  BirdmanPoster $69

5. Japanese Masking Tape $6

6. Colored Glasses $18

7. Pixel Pillow $43

8. Pouf $295

9. Desk $700

10. Rug $600

11. Dresser $900

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  1. Marielle says:

    Loving all the images!!! that room would be so fab !! the rug is so cool and understated- and surprisingly doesn’t take away from the rest of the colors . Awesome !

  2. grace says:

    wow!!!! you stepped out of the black,white and grey box!!!

  3. love these!


  4. Thank you! I was in a crummy mood and these colors cheered me right up. I want a set of those JA glasses–so fun! And that tray too! And I guess I haven’t checked their site in a while, but I was surprised that dresser was CB2. It looks higher end to me.

  5. Oh, they’re not real drawers… Bummer. Still, a good option for the price point.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Aw that sucks! I thought it was very cool looking for the price too.

  6. i printed out that bungalow5 lamp for a client just the other day. now that i’ve broken them in by incorporating orange and fuchsia pink as two main colors in their living/dining room, i hope that they’ll consider yellow and aqua as accents!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      LOVE it! We need to see this room as soon as we can! Sounds awesome.

  7. Love that CB2 dresser. Such a cool look.

  8. Love this! I have been harboring a secret hatred of primary colors for a while, but this post definitely makes me reconsider. :) Thanks for the post!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Just saw your post! Thanks for the link and the shout out!

      I def agree- the first pictures you posted are a little MUCH – but in the right doses… primaries could be cool!

  9. I love how happy these are! I was surprised to see you so into color but of course, you do it well!

  10. Love this post! also love what you are doing on your blog. so fab. adding you to the blogroll so i will drop by more often.



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