Patterns and Paintings…

Every so often I go through my desktop and clear it out… Usually when my computer is functioning like its 1992.

I keep things on my desktop because I like to scroll through them, gaze at them, look at them…. its basically stuff that is inspiring me at the moment: Fashion, ads, rooms, paintings…. all of it.

So here it is… everything thats going on in my head lately:

What’s on your mind lately? Ha!

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  1. That is one fabulously gorgeous head of yours!:)
    PS: Is that why my computer is running so slow….ooooh!

  2. You have such an incredible eye for form and shape, color and texture. Love this post!

  3. where is the interior with the insanely detailed ceiling from???

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I saw it on The Nero Chronicles I think… I think its from Arch Digest… but Im not sure.

  4. Marielle says:

    Pregnancy does wonders for your creativity! Loving all the photos, they just get better and better!!! P.S. Your paintings from this morning….WOWZAAAA!!!!!!!

  5. I wish I lived in your mind! I can’t stop staring at these images.

  6. This is a really beautiful post. I definitely agree with Marielle.

  7. Such a good montage! Love all the blues down the bottom.

    Sarah x


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