Let’s analyze this room. And start a Eames for Lazy Boy trade in program while we are at it.

What do we think of this room? Does that yellow chair not MAKE the room?

Speaking of-  there are lots of chairs in this room…Do we like that? Or is it weird? The desk chair seems too close to the yellow chair. Maybe its just there for the photo and normally further away?

And then there is the zebra…a lot of you feel that that trend is over. Personally, I dont think its over, because I have always liked it! Look at rooms from the 70s with zebra rugs- still chic.

I also really like the styling on the bookcase. I like when bookcases are styled in a full of books way… as opposed to a heavy on the accessories way.

Basically, I just like this room’s laid back vibe. That Eames Chair does it every time. Why dont more bachelors buy these instead of lazy boys?

If we could replace every one of those hideous beasts with something just a little sleeker, wouldn’t the world just be a prettier place?

And we have never really discussed how wooden blinds are pretty much the most practical and awesome window treatment ever. I have roman shades in every room, except for my bedroom where I have black wooden blinds, flanked by drapes. Minus the dust issue, the blinds are 100x more useful…. opening and closing them is nothing more than a flick of the wrist! I dont have to PULL the entire 13 foot roman up and down (LR) and they allow for a billion different light control/privacy variations.

Some of you are probably thinking- “WELL, DUH.” But I’ve learned that if you are going to be a blogger, you sometimes need to say the things that might get you eye rolls, so in this case: WOODEN BLINDS ARE REALLY PRACTICAL.  There you go.

Are they the most gorgeous? No. But they do have a certain cool factor to them. As we can see here.


Photo Credit: Elle Decor via Good Bones, Great Pieces.

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  1. I’m never tired of zebra.

    I love booked up book cases. Light on accessories.

    I chose white Pirouette by Hunter Douglas. Couldn’t be happier. They’re beautiful.

    OT – Motorized drapes rock.

  2. Love this room. It’s a great example of how cool a bachelor’s room can be. I think the yellow chair looks awesome in the photograph, but *looks* (I haven’t sat in it, obviously) uncomfortable. I don’t imagine I’d want to sit in that to talk to someone in the Eames. Seems a little unfair.

  3. I love wooden blinds.

  4. Jennifer says:

    People who say zebra is over can suck it.

    The desk chair is all wrong. It’s too petite and pedestrian compared to the other chairs. Maybe even a ghost chair would be better — it might blend in more with the desk to let the yellow star have her spotlight.

  5. I just installed wooden blinds in our bedroom too. They just make so much sense. And if I could convince my boyfriend that an Eames chair was just as good as a lazy boy I would be so freaking happy. No such luck, he begs for one every day.

  6. i like wooden blinds…they have a masculine edge. i think that’s probs why you like them too.
    as for the chair thing…i personally think the eames lounger is just as ugly as the lazy boy. but…the eames lounger new costs anywhere between 3,000 and 6,000 dollars. a lazy boy about 800 dollars.
    however, craigslist has cheaper, used or even imitation eames loungers. but the price could be the reason bachelors don’t buy those chairs.

  7. Rachel says:

    I imagine its much easier to get out of a recliner because the back comes up, and they take up less space when not reclined, but it cannot beat the eames chair in looks. While I like wood blinds, you have to keep in mind that if you want to actually pull the whole shade open it is heavy and the slats dont look that good stacked up at the top of the window, at least at my house. If you just want to open the slats then it is a practical choice.

  8. Nicole Cohen says:

    Rachel- I actually think recliners are annoying to get out of. I hate having to kick the back and footrest up and down and I usually feel like im trapped in them! But thats just me.
    -yes, the blinds look much better if you never open them… Thats why I only did them in the bedroom, not the LR.

    Jenny- I think I have seen “alternate versions” of the lounger for much cheaper… around Lazy Boy prices and yes, they def have them on Craigslist too… And NO WAY is it as ugly as the LB. No way.

    I showed my hub a picture of the eames lounger and he LOVED it! So maybe there is hope?

  9. I certainly agree that all recliners should be burned- never an ugly piece of furniture has there been. Sadly though, I’m not a huge lover of the the Eames- I know everyone loves it and I appreciate it’s beauty but…everytime I see the front, I think of ET- the top piece just screams ET’s head to me- weird I know but true. In any event, very much enjoy this space- a hit of strong yellow rarely disappoints. And I’m with you on the bookcase- love when they actually have books in them.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think the Eames is ugly/pretty. Or Ugly/cool… you know?

      And more about books… when they styled my apt they took ALL the books and moved them to one side to get it to look neat and pretty like that. Im gonna post a pic soon of the mess that my bookcase normally is.

  10. Marielle says:

    I love wooden blinds! and the lazy boy is a hideous creature! thank you for acknowledging and offering a better option !!

  11. Katie says:

    I recently discovered the world of home design/decor/love blogs and have quickly become obsessed. We are moving into a brand new home in March and there are obviously a bajillion ideas and places to find inspiration on the internet. But I was so happy to see you mention blinds! I have not found ONE POST on my fav blogs about blinds/roman shades/curtains/etc. and I think windows are difficult to deal with…I usually don’t love the way blinds work, but they ARE practical. Most of my favorite rooms only have curtains, so maybe this is the way I should go for most spaces? Any more ideas/inspiration/opinions on blinds and window treatments in general would be greatly appreciated!

  12. I don’t care if it’s ugly/pretty, I love my Eames chair because it is so damn comfy yet classy at the same time. Hoping to save a few pennies and get mine reupholstered in black some day. I do think the black ones look nicer than the white ones. Though I suppose the one in the picture is technically chocolate brown. Hmmm another option to ponder…

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ugly/pretty is a good thing. I love the chair too!!! I like when the leather looks really worn in. what color is yours?

  13. I really love this room. The Eames chair, yellow chair, bookcases and zebra print. Lazy Boys actually make my stomach hurt. Thank god there are other options.