Just cause…

I’ve been dying to post this picture since I saw it….

Brings new meaning to suffering for fashion, huh?

When I was in Bali, I watched this entire documentary on Korean TV about these men that live in war-torn Kashmir and travel to the only town for miles, which happens to be on a mountain side, to port GIGANTIC packages up and down the mountain side. They leave their families as teenagers, and only head home every 3 months… They do this from childhood until their knees buckle in their 50s…

Pinterest, baby.

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  1. I couldn’t imagine a life like that, living just to work. A lot of our manufacturers in China live similarly. They live in dorms at the factory and hang out in their offices in the evenings because they have no where else to go.

  2. That is an amazing picture…in Bali as in many other countries it is amazing to see how many things people can put on one motorcycle–a family of 4 with a couch, etc! But at least with a motorcycle you don’t have to pedal!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      The amount of people I have seen on a moped is INSANE!!!! Mother, father + 3 kids including newborn and chicken coop!

      Plus its common practice to drive into oncoming traffic to pass slower vehicles.

      SCARY SHIT… All of our notions of cleanliness and safety are so relative.

  3. I’m depressed. Speaking of Bali, Hubs and I are thinking of going! You recommend?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I actually love the photo! Didnt mean to depress anyone!!!

      HMMM….. So what kind of person are you, do you like sitting on beaches, or doing things? Its really quite commercialized in parts. But still gorgeous. I went on my honeymoon and then went back this summer… So overall I stayed in a TON of hotels there: Both 4 seasons, Amankila, St Regis… visited bulgari… They are all drop dead gorgeous and PHENOMENAL.

      But this one hotel I stayed at when we backpacked around the island on our mopeds has a special place in my heart: