Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hot Pink Feather Grammy Earrings: DIY!

So, I was browsing at my beloved M&J Trimming today… buying all kinds of ribbons for Cookie’s hair…

When I SPOTTED this freakin awesome hot pink feather trim:

So natch, my first instinct is: GWYNETH PALTROW GRAMMY EARRINGS DIY!!!!!

So, I took home a tiny bit of each feather trim that I liked…. hopped over to the store next door to M&J and bought these earrings for $0.25.

Ten seconds with my glue gun later, I HAD THESE:

Not the most gorgeous up top, but the whole process took less than a minute. For the ones on the left, I used about an inch of the trim and I glued the top of it into the little hole in the earring. I twisted down some of the top feathers and used a little glue to keep them in place.

For the earrings on the right, I had to strip the feathers out of the little satin binding that they came in, so that took an extra 10 seconds;) Then I made a little glue ball and attached them all together. I stuck one of those metal jewelry pins in it and then wrapped that into the earring.

I acknowledge that had I spent about 5 more minutes picking out the right supplies for this project the earrings would looke 100x better… but that part is hidden by hair anyway?

NEXT, I got my little sister to model them for us!

Dont think I wasn’t screaming ” JOHAN FACE, BABY FACE! JOHAN!!!! THINK ABOUT FRANCIOS!!!” at her the whole time, which explains why she was cracking up….





And there you have it, in under a minute and less than a couple bucks you too can rock out with CEE LO in hot pink feather earrings.

*** This trim is not on their website, but you can call and order it 212-391-6200 or visit the store.


M&J Trimming
1008 Sixth Avenue
Between 37th & 38th Sts.
New York, NY 10018


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  1. very cool, and your sister is a beauty (not surprised, as I happen to know her sister and niece).

  2. cute!

    your sister is delicious.

  3. god you’re crafty! And your sis is gorg.

  4. what a pretty model!!!!

  5. oh and the earrings are very cool!!!

  6. claudy says:

    mar you look hot

  7. stephanie says:

    nicole, did you just say “natch”?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      hahahhahahahahhahahahaahahahah!!!!!! NATCH, I said “natch”. YUP. I was also just screaming “JOHAN BABY FACE” at marielle.

      • stephanie says:

        i never thought i’d see the day u abrreviate words. i am truly shocked. btw im currently wearing british contacts

  8. So cute, love those hot pink feathers

  9. Rachel says:

    Wow, so creative and stunning model

  10. I haven’t been able to get those earring out of my head since the Grammys – now I will be obsessed with finding some hot pink feathers for a DIY. Pretty awesome.

  11. Just simple fabulousness.

  12. I loved her earrings! I’ve been itching for a DIY lately that doesn’t involve housewares, I’ll have to give this a try!

  13. Wow, FULL SIZE!!! They look really gorgeous on you. Or is it you look really gorgeous on them? Whatever, Nicole, it works! =)

  14. let me just tell you — i read your posts in bed b/c i’m on cali time and i thumb through the good old bb before i can fully wake up. you work me right up this morning — i snorted with laughter when you quoted the Real Housewives in NYC…ooh, kelly b is a special kind of crazy, isn’t she?

    thanks for making my morning! had to drop a comment b/c i had such a good laugh over this one. and of course the DIY was great — i loved those feather earrings and you did a great job!


  15. I loved her earrings!

  16. Goodness I just found this post looking for pink feathers – what fun earrings -great idea how to make them!


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