Fashion Blasphemy: Target rips off the Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff.

Alcira of The Nero Chronicles just reported on this… I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw it.

Target had the balls to copy probably my favorite cuff ever to be created.

I admit, I am not desirous of a Birkin… Chanel bags dont get me high, but this thing was  ON MY LIST.

Particularly in this incarnation:

Boo on you Target. Some things are sacred.

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  1. I think I moight have to get a couple from Target :)

  2. I’m pretty sure John Lydon or M Maclaren or V Westwood or pretty much any SEX shopper get first right of refusal on pyramid stud cuffs.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Come on- its more than just the pyramid studs, its an EXACT REPLICA! How is this even legal!

  3. no way. i am so getting it and then i will take a sharpie to the inside and it will say “hermez”.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Haha…I would feel too bad every time I picked it up and it had no weight to it, you know? But I totally respect your right to sharpie!

  4. Don’t be too upset Gals,

    On the bright side, it’s pleather and instead of the complex locking mechanism, it’s got two little snaps…weak…non-identical.
    Besides, as the doting mama of a CDC, I can tell you that though cute and very similar from afar, this lil’ number don’t pack half the heft.
    The genuine article makes the wearer feel both shackled and empowered in the most yummy, urban pirate-booty way.
    Cheers, Alcira

  5. See not all knockoffs are alike. Good call Alcira!! Although they will sell tons of them!

    Art by Karena

  6. Dianne M says:

    Even the less priviledged class deserves a little style. Just saying.

  7. Nicole Cohen says:

    Im not trying to be a snob… but if I cant afford something(like the original bracelet!), I just dont buy it. I dont go paint the bottoms of my shoes red to pretend they are Loubs… I just buy something else!

    In the case of this bracelet, I feel like its really a direct rip off, not an “inspired by” type of thing… I love costume jewelry too… but I dont know. Something about this one is depressing to me, not exciting.

  8. Target copies (flat out copies) things ALL the time. And they do get sued for it ALL the time! But when you’re that big I guess they can afford it. Shameful nonetheless… At least they should try to change it up to fool us stylish yet poor folk! ; )

  9. Couldn’t agree more – shame on them!!

  10. glitterati says:

    whatever – hermes stole it from the b&d fetish club scene.

  11. I hate you says:

    You know what makes me sick YOU DO, I mean seriously? Your gonna sit and pout like a 2 year old because target copied a bracelet? It’s amazing what our world has become with these snobby stuck up rich people because they have a bigger wallet than the rest of us pathetic…

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Wow- you sound like a lovely person. I would like to remind you that YOU found ME. I didnt just pop up on your computer screen . You should go start a blog called: in defense of knocking off other people’s designs in a much cheaper and shittier way. Good for you. As for me, I DONT OWN THIS BRACELET and I personally would rather buy a $10 unique bracelet from Etsy than a crappy knockoff. Or better yet, I would make one myself, and in fact, I regularly do.

      There are things that we all cant afford in the world, that doesnt mean that we should HATE the people who have them.

      • well said Nicole! I want the original too, and Chanel gets me high just as well :)

      • ZibaAnne says:

        Nicole, I’m impressed with and support your reply…! :)

  12. Marielle says:

    Nicole, its not her fault she doesnt understand the point you are trying to make..while also taking her aggression out on you. dont take it personal…

  13. Ihateyou (very creative name by the way) you need to take a Xanax and learn some manners. If you dont appreciate someones thoughts you probably shouldn’t be reading their blog (a website composed of ones personal thoughts and opinions).

  14. fred says:

    I smell a reality show here ladies

  15. seton says:

    “Particularly in this incarnation:”

    Hi, just wanted to point out that THAT incarnation that you posted is a fake :-)

    Most of the other pics are real ones tho.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ha, thats funny. I just like that version because I love anything thats brown leather and/or brass.

      Cant believe there is such a level of knock offs out there…from super high end…. to target.