Design Redux.

Blue couch + Gallery wall in the 1960’s….

Meet your grandchild:

The blue couch and gallery wall of the 2010s (What do I call this decade – people?)

Hmmm….. Not exactly the same, but still fun to look at!

{First photo is from a vintage Benjamin Moore catalog, the second via Lonny.}

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  1. I would take them both any time. And btw, if you’d tell me the first is Eddie Ross from year ago, I would totally buy it. (and this decade is called the noughties, if I’m not mistaken)

  2. Ha! Mine looks more like the 60’s. Both are great. I love that blue velvet(?) sofa too!

  3. Good one!
    xo xo

  4. You know in comparing the sofas and those great pillows really make a difference!

    Fabulous giveaway on my site by Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  5. This was an awesome photo comparison. To me is says some design elements are timeless. Gallery walls are such an statement piece in any home. Great color combinations will never tire.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. Colette says:

    Nice post! Love the comparison.

  7. Marielle says: