Career Crossovers: Kelly Wearstler does fashion!

I know I’m about a week late posting this… but still. I want those clutches. We all knew this was coming… and that she would probably be good at it too. Unlike some others.

Dont you love how everyone debut’s their crossover collection during fashion week? DVF does home and KW does fashion… And Jonathan Adler puts it all into perspective: “Every upper middle class person in America is buying 75 handbags, 68 sweaters and 95 frocks every minute,” he said. “Whereas to sell them a vase, it’s gotta be next level shit.”

WWD scan is from HERE.

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  1. Yes! This is the article I was telling you about! We missed you on Friday at the Improvd Fashion week presentation! Make sure to stop by the store at 819 Washington street… you will love it!
    Hope all is well xx

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Lol… I know…

      You missed me cause I literally could not stand up. I felt bad. I was going to email you.

  2. Lol @ Jonathan Adler. It’s true.

  3. That is why I love JA. That is probably why Simon loves him too. Those clutches are amazing, but that cuff is calling my name.


    Rebecca June

  4. What a great quote! That just shows how disposable fashion is. Your home is so much more personable. Funny, you think they both would be…

  5. Cracking up over here at that JA quote!!! And thanks for reposting, I love Desiré’s blog. Wish I lived in D.C. so I could see her store when it reopens.

  6. The clutches were my favourite thing in her collection- wasn’t entirely sold on the rest of it…though I adore her so have a very hard time saying a single bad thing about KW. JA- always spot on with the dialogue. Adore him too.