Around the house…

Last week, I travelled out to NJ and made a little trip to Home Goods. I used to be a Home Goods and Ikea JUNKY… but since throwing things out is not my strong suit… it takes me months to get rid of things that only cost a couple bucks and are complete crap… I have to be SUPER insanely edited when I go into these stores…make sure I REALLY want it because if I dont, its not going to be leaving for a while. You know the allure of price tags under $10 gets to you too!

Anyway, I bought this cute little tin tray:

I wanted to post it, so I styled it up ridiculously for you….

I took the opportunity to include my gold silverware from the Rue photoshoot… A lot of you have been asking me about it… you can get it HERE.

I also included those lavender ombre salad bowls. I found them at an antique store in NJ because a few days ago I found this shot on pinterest:

You gotta love vintage lavender ombre glassware!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Homegoods used to be my weakness, but lately it’s just been a junk show. Aren’t you getting a HG on the UWS? I thought I heard about one going into a defunct Borders or something.

  2. Lauren says:

    The silverware is beautiful!

  3. Rachel says:

    I love going to Homegoods, I have 3 within a 15-30 min drive so driving in any direction I can never resist running in to take a look. When I passed by today I came out with storage boxes that remind me of david hicks la fiorentina. I enjoy these little purchases because I have a hard time making decisions on expensive items, these little things are just fun to buy. If I get tired of something or don’t need it anymore I drop it off at the Habitat store, I have a box of frames and a bowl or too waiting to go in my trunk now.

  4. I LOVE everything in those pictures! Dying to get gold silverware, too.

  5. I’m the same way in Home Goods. I could come out with a million vases and other knick knacks if I’m not careful. I absolutely love those ombre bowls, what a score!

  6. I love those little salad bowls. What a great find!

  7. oh my god that vintage ombre stuff is beautiful!!

    and yes, your gold flatware is highly covetable as well..

  8. Love that tray! I have a small obsession with trays…I have to be careful now not to buy too many, but sometimes those good deals are just too hard to resist!

  9. I have the same coffee machine! (capsules.. mm).

    Otherwise, love the tray(!) and jealous about everything in your styling. Even the water! I miss San Pellegrino – they don’t sell it here :(

  10. You have the best eye for ridiculously gorgeous finds! I would steal those bowls from you if I had an opportunity ;)

  11. I also want those bowls. I hate you in the nicest way possible. I also love my gold flatware. I got mine at Crate and Barrel though. I also got it in a black pewter color and silver and I mix it all together. love.


    Rebecca June

  12. im dying for those salad bowls girlie. xoxoxo

  13. I love love lavendar ombre and that gold flatware- have been hunting like crazy for a set so thanks for including the link.

  14. Love, love, LOVE those purple ombre dishes. I am now on the hunt for my own!


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