This room: Yes or no?

I followed a link from Erica’s blahg to Curbed for a wrap up of some of the year’s ugliest apartments. They included this photo from a $7.5 million dollar Park Avenue listing.

They say ugly, I say strangely reminiscent of a Miles Redd/Nick Olsen room. As in, maybe its not that bad? (Why is photography for real estate listings always so awful? I guarantee a shelter mag could have made this place look pretty.)


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  1. Not ugly, I don’t like the brown they chose for the cabinetry, but I think with changing the accent color it could be not bad at all, even good.

  2. Lauren says:

    Eh, the strips kind of make me dizzy. I’d get a headache after a few minutes.

  3. It looks like a basement. Also, the angle the photo was taken from is causing a lot of the problems. Shooting a room head-on like that, lining the angles of the photo up with the angles of the walls is disorienting for the viewer. Taking this picture from off to the side would have made a big difference. Instead, the stripes make it look like I’m gazing into an infinite abyss.

    No joke, the pictures of my house on the MLS made it look like a trailer in the woods. I didn’t even want to go see it. I got tricked into visiting it and was stunned to find a lovely atomic ranch with gorgeous windows and a near-perfect floor plan. It’s even professionally landscaped. Owners and realtors do a terrible job of photographing their properties.

  4. i agree with you, i think. it’s hard to say.. the photography is so blurry and the lighting is so bad that i can’t make out what exactly is going on.
    my only complaint is too much brown. brown isn’t pretty in large doses.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      photography in real estate listings and on hotel websites are so craptastic… I cant believe this is what people are using to try to SELL a 7.5 million dollar place. Its crazy.

      Would I move into this room- probably not. But it just reminds me of that ugly/pretty over the top look that miles does… with some tweaking I think the room could be made to look fabulous/ugly instead of ugly ugly.

  5. The red and brown together makes me depressed.

  6. Apparently, King Tut is moving.

  7. Renee Beyda says: