ALL MY SOURCES + More photos from RUE: PART I.

Thank you all so much for your support and sweet comments! I was really nervous about putting myself out there like this.

I have to say, even though I blog daily I am nervous every time I hit publish. I am always worried and anxious about people’s reactions even though it may not seem like it! It took a lot for me to open up my house, and especially my family like this. If you are a blog regular you know I don’t usually post pictures of them (at least not head on) and that I rarely post pictures of myself. Having a huge part of your life on the internet, where anyone can poke fun at you, look at you and worse is scary… but also rewarding. Blogging really gave me courage and inspiration for a whole new life! Im so happy you all came along for the ride!

Anyway – I thought it would be cool to put ALL my ideas, inspirations and sources for everything in my apartment into a few posts for you all. I had to split it up, because, well ITS FREAKING LONG and exhausting! So this is Part One: Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen.

First up-



I moved in with no furniture AT ALL! Nada. Zip. Nothing. We were selling our first apartment the time and we left all the furniture there so that it would look staged for potential buyers. We moved in with a bed with wheels that wouldnt lock and (it rolled across the floor in the middle of the night) and a card table and folding chairs. Thats it. The apartment was also under construction at the time- we were extending the kitchen and building the lighting in the ceiling- and everything was chaos. Cookie was also only 3 months old! To top it off the first week we moved in, I sliced my finger in the kitchen, cutting a tendon and nerve and had to have surgery to repair it- leaving me in a cast for 8 weeks!  Even though it was hard in the beginning and this place felt nothing like a home, it was still so exciting to be building my first real home with my family.

Another View:

{Taken by me on the day of the shoot.}


The sources:

The sofa was a floor sample, Templeton Sofa from Jonathan Adler. I needed something ASAP, because we had nothing to sit on and I was THRILLED when they let me buy the store sample!

The white chairs were  the Circa chairs from Room and board but I cant find them anymore on their site.

The coffee table is from Clayton Gray Home. I had an ikea table there for about a year. Every time I replaced something ikea that I bought to use temporarily (some of it lasted 2 years!) it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders!

{ This is what the apartment looked like in 2009- Zebra hide is now moved to the den and is on top of a blue rag rug- the ikea lack table is gone. The white Norden Ikea dining table has been replaced by one from Julian Chichester and the kitchen pendants have been replaced by the Hicks Pendant from Circa Lighting. CRAZY!!! I want to puke on that orchid!}

{Taken by me, day of Rue shoot. Leather pillow is in my etsy shop!}

I found this gray chair in the garbage on Third Avenue!!!! I sat on it until my friend Sarah picked me up in her car and I had it reupholstered! The ottoman under the parsons console was with it. See the before and after of the “garbage chair” HERE. The striped chair I found on ebay and refinished and reupholstered. (I had to go pick it up from Port Authority and try to get it home myself… NOT EASY. Basically my husband doesnt really let me use Ebay anymore!)

The Kelly Wearstler Bengal Baazar pillows were made for me by Etsy Seller and my friend Melanie of Plum Cushion. (She also made the chair cushions on the lucite chairs, and the roll on the bed….)

Both end tables were random pick ups, one from Meccox Gardens, the round tobacco leaf table was from Space Interiors in NJ.

That parsons sofa table was from my husbands first apartment and was in storage in my mother in laws basement for the past 10 years!

The sculpture on the sofa table is a Shona Sculpture from The Hemingway African Art Gallery.

The Lamps are from Restoration Hardware. HERE.

The round shagreen mirror is from Made Goods.

The living room shades were made by The Shade Store. They are pleated roman in white silk dupioni.

The barcart is from this company Go Home, but I dont think its available to the public. I’m not sure!

The sideboard under the TV is vintage piece.

I had the lucite bench is custom made, based on a vintage design I found on 1st Dibs.

The  round sheepskin was made by ABC Carpet for my first apartment. (I move it around the apartment a lot.)

The walls are a custom blend of two Benjamin Moore metallic paints that I had applied in a strie. (50/50 White pearl and Silver.)

Dining room:

{Alternate Dining Room Shot… Taken by me.} I chose to include it so you could see the whole dining table, the chairs, the art and how they relate to the rest of the room. Those flowers in the corner are only there because this was after the shoot and I needed to put them somewhere. And although we put the candles on the table, they are never usually there. They are usually on the window sill, and the sculpture is usually on the dining table.}

The dining table is Julian Chichester.

The  dining chairs are Z chairs from Plexi-Craft (they were from my first apartment!) and the ikat cushions were made by Melanie of Plum Cushion (I provided the ikat).

I designed the subway tile style mirrored wall and had it made by a local mirror man.

Almost all the vases in the house are from Home Goods.

The Kitchen:

{We combined 2 apartments to make this one, and the kitchen actually ended where the wall with the painting is. We matched the existing cabinetry – which was brand new- and we changed the counter tops to marble. I got to use 2 ovens- which is HEAVEN to anyone who cooks and has people over- and we put in a 48″ side by side sub-zero. YAY for storage! In my first apartment  you couldnt open the dishwasher and stand in the kitchen at the same time! We also usually have a Biorb fishtank on the counter. You can see it in other photos.}

Pendants- Hicks Pendant Circa lighting.

Counter Stools were from Space Interiors, although I think there are similar ones on Z Gallerie.

The marble is Calcutta Gold.

The painting is by me and its in my etsy shop.

The horse painting is a picture I cut out of a book and pasted into a frame from Home Goods. In other words- my stupidest, easiest DIY EVER!!!

Ok… I think I am done with these rooms for now, if you see something that I havent linked to and are curious about it, email me! Also, ALL my paintings are for sale HERE. Seriously. (I would sell it right off the wall… I have to keep the flow going if I want to make new things, right? )

Dont forget to check out RUE (page 100) if you havent already seen it, as well as yesterday’s post for some behind the scenes shots and some outtakes!

Part 2 of sources will include Cookie’s Room, the den and master bedroom! Stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations on your Rue feature and the amazing job you did in your apartment refurbishment. Thank you so much for opening your home and sharing your space. You have earned a huge round of applause from all of us!

  2. Danielle says:

    Looked at your apartment on RUE maybe ten times since last night!! you totally inspire me!!! can you post your own picture of the navy and white room with the bookshelves? i loveeee it and want to see more!! also in the article it said you have 4 bedrooms, and we got to see two!! did you design the other two also? can you show us? YOUR APARTMENT IS SO FABULOUS now I have a lot of homework to do at the show this weekend!! Also, those two tall silver vases or something in your entry way with the moss balls on top, where are they from? do you design ppls apartments or would you do a design board for them?


    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thank you Danielle!

      Ok so here is the deal: There are technically “4 bedrooms” One is being used as the navy + white den and the other one is a laundry room/mudroom right now. Its small, but its considered a bedroom. (We converted to apartments, so that is the space that the other kitchen was in.)

      The two tall silver vases are are from the gift show. I dont remember what company….

      I would def be up for designing, consulting and would def do a design board. Email me!

  3. This was such a fun post, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. You have such an amazing house and how cool to be featured in Rue! I can’t believe you found that chair and ottoman in the trash! I bet you looked great sitting out on the street on it!


  5. Your whole apartment is beautiful, you have carefully picked beautiful pieces for the space and it has totally paid off- I love it!

  6. I saw it yesterday and went back first t hing this morning to see it again. It’s just so beautiful! I especially love that you did all the art yourself. The palette of black, white and gray with pops of color in the artwork is just perfect! I’ve seen your place before, but it was so nice to see how seamlessly the whole house just flows together. That is so hard to do! And you look stunning as well! Love your outfit and those fabulous leggings. A big congratulations to you Nicole!

  7. I just have to say that Im an in love eith everything about your apartment! IT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I’m inspired and also a new subscriber! Thank you so much for sharing!!!



  8. Nicole wow you really put it all together!! I love it all the lighting, the plexi pieces, and as you can imagine, especailly the artwork!!

    Art by Karena

  9. Nicole wow you really put it all together!! I love it all the lighting, the plexi pieces, and as you can imagine, especailly the artwork!!

    Art by Karena

  10. SO excited for your spot in Rue!!!! The pics are amazing and you’ve really done a tremendous job on the place!!

  11. I adore every page of each Rue issue, but your home truly was an amazing stand-out feature. All I can say is WOW. Each piece is unique and different but it ALL belongs. Can’t wait to see part II…
    And p.s.: I am officially going to register for gold flatware!

  12. Rebecca Meier says:

    Your apartment is GORGEOUS. I love absolutely everything in it! You have fabulous taste & I really enjoy reading your blog….especially the JS & RHW recaps – they crack me up :) Keep up the great posts & can’t wait to read (and see) more about your apartment. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I don’t even care about your apartment– YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! HOLY SHIT! You sexy Mama!!

  14. OMG, amazing! thanks for sharing your sources!!

    have a great weekend, nicole!


  15. Transformation posts are the best ever! And we all obviously can’t get enough of your gorgeous home, so thanks for all the shots you and your hubs took in addition to the Rue ones.

  16. I literally can’t peel my eyes away from the Rue spread. You look absolutely gorgeous and not a trace of fat face anywhere. Thanks for posting your sources and sharing your world with us!!

  17. Your place is stunning and I think your mirror subway tile wall is pure genius.

  18. Lisa says:

    I am a relatively new reader to Sketch 42 and I have to tell you I LOVE IT!! Not sure which aspect I adore more, your art, your Real Housewives re-caps, or your inspiration pieces. Reading your blog is one of my favorite parts of my day. I also have an eye on a number of your works at your Etsy shop and look forward to maybe making one mine when I finish a renovation we are working on. So just a word of thanks for sharing your apartment, your style and your humor with us!!

  19. Oh Nicole, I just finshed looking through Rue and I didn’t know prior that your home was in there. It’s strange as we haven’t met but as you were probably the first blog I became addicted (better word tahn stalked!!) too, I feel we have become blog “friends” and I was so proud and excited to see your gorgeous place featured. It all looks so stunning. And YOU my dear look ah-mazingly gorgeous and it’s nice to see the pics of you and your lovely family (Cookie is too cute) in your beautiful house. Thanks for sharing with us, it’s my fav hands down

    Lots of blog love xoxox

  20. Great resources little mama! Thanks for sharing.
    And you have a very good looking husband :-)
    Love the family photo that opens the RUE spread. Very Kennedy-esque!
    xo xo

  21. I have to agree that your home is absolutely gorgeous! Sorry if you’ve already written about this here, but I wondered where you got the lovely gold-tone utensils that are pictured in a cup on your counter.

  22. I LOVED your apartment in Rue. I’ve seen your blog before and after 2 pages in Rue, realized it was yours. It was those kitchen pendants! It’s gorgeous…job well done!

  23. MMish says:

    Such a gorgeous spread and family! What size is your coffee table?

  24. This was definitely my favourite feature in Rue. So. So. pretty.

  25. Wow, I really love your apartment – especially the living room. I love how you combined DIY with high end pieces for a totally unique look. It really struck a cord with what I like! Beautiful job. I also read that as you were working on your apartment your friends and family got sick of hearing about it but you could talk to design friends all day about it! I can totally related to that – we are hoping to build next year and have a lot of plans but I am always pondering! I am new to the blog world but very excited to have found such a great community! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home and congrats on a job well done.

  26. Your apartment looks beyond amazing!!!

  27. Lori says:

    Your apartment is so beautiful and so inspiring! thank you so much for sharing it! Can you please tell me where I can get those gorgeous shiny kitchen cabinets?? Thank you!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thank you! The kitchen was made by a local kitchen cabinet maker. The uppers are white lacquer. Either you can have a local cabinet maker make/order them, or I THINK- but im not sure- that Ikea makes something like this.

  28. dorelle says:

    Love, love, love your place. I found you through the link from Brooklyn Limestone. I just have a quick question – I loved those subway tiles in your dining room. They look from the pics like bevelled tiles. Are these custom bevelled or can you buy them like that? Many thanks

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thank you!

      They are beveled mirrored subway tile and I had them custom made… I don’t know if you can buy them like that, but I am pretty sure you can buy squares!

  29. Stephanie O'Neil says:

    Hey Nicole!
    I’m back to poring over your apartment–again!–after the new photos that you posted from the Jr. League tour. LOVE your apartment! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got the ikat fabric for the dining chair cushions? I am planning to recover a sofa and am searching for charcoal/black and white ikat fabric and have been striking out. Yours

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Sure- I got it from here:

      and had it sewed into pillows by plum cushion.

      • Stephanie O'Neil says:

        Thank you so, so much!! If I could totally bother you one more time….do you think that the material will hold up to a hard working sofa? Nervous about the silk….how is it with your lucite chairs??

        • Nicole Cohen says:

          Umm… No, not only will it not hold up, its also only 18″ wide. So it would cost you a fortune in labor and material to string the whole thing together. A pair of accent chairs would be awesome though.

          • Stephanie O'Neil says:

            Ahhhhh. Yeah, in my excitement over the fabric, totally overlooked the width. I’m good like that. Thank you SO much for your feedback–really appreciate it–and can’t wait to see more of your home on the blog! Son’s room?? (hint, hint!) :)

  30. Stephanie O'Neil says:

    Argh, my chubby fingers hit the wrong iPad button. In any case, your fabric looks perfect for what I’d like to do so if you can recall where you got it, I’d love to know! Thanks so much!


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