Reader Question: Where can I find a cheaper Cherner Chair?

Ohhhhh dear. This is a really tough one. I dont recall EVER seeing a copy of the arm chair! I have seen versions of the side chairs, HERE, but the armchair, nope.

So I submit it to you… Does anyone know of any sources for cheaper versions, OK, OK knock offs of the classic Norman Cherner Chair? The chair has a history- read it HERE.

If you just wanted one, I would say SAVE UP and spring for it… but for a whole table full of them, ouch.

Do you remember how Alex Petrovsky on SATC had a whole table full of them? HOT. I think that was the first time I remember noticing them. I was still in college at the time and knew nothing of chairs and design. (I remembered them being all armchairs, that would have been so much better, but whatever!)

Via Casa Sugar

Via Apple Bay Pips

Via Papernstitch

By Rachel Reider Via Houzz

Via FlickrRiver

I think the DWR said it best:

So is it weird that I just want one of these chairs and I have no idea what I would do with it?

Enough about me…. does anyone know how to help my girl? I have heard stories about people finding them on ebay…. ANYONE?

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  1. This my first introduction to the Cherner Armchair and I have no idea where to get one, but man are those chairs sexy! Wow!

  2. Oh, this hurts. I came so close to buying a set a few months ago from an estate sale but needed to sell something else for the cash. Old ones are around on Craigslist but very rarely.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thats such a bummer. The chairs are so hot… one day… one day!

  3. oh holland says:

    Affordable armless knock-off at, not exact but similar:

    Also, good prices on mod chairs at Ambiente Direct in Germany. I bought six Starck chairs from them and even w/shipping saved a bundle. But I don’t see any Cherners on their site:

  4. knock-offs, shame on you

    • Mary Elliott says:

      I agree, Ben. Owning a knock-off is like buying stolen property. It’s a shame people don’t understand the full impact on the designers and craftsmen.

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Ben- I would take it as a compliment.

    And there are no knock offs…. The ones I suggested my readers look for are vintage originals.