An interesting project by Muriel Brandolini.

Up until yesterday I had never seen this project by Muriel Brandolini before. (Yesterday MFAMB posted the bedroom shot.) This is the most tame and monochromatic that I’ve ever seen her. Her work is DEFINITELY not for everyone and its usually really colorful and eclectic. I loved seeing how she stuck to a nuetral palate with these rooms, but that the design was still true to her style.

My favorite things in this room are: that lamp on the back wall with that taupey, grayish, almost purple lampshade and also that light fixture. And I like the rug. Although it looks like its too wide on one side and the table isnt centered on it. What do you think of the mural?

This bedroom, as MFAMB pointed out- is divine. Seriously gorgeous. That lamp is the perfect black exclamation point in the middle of this room. And as for floating beds… I think I like them. When they are doable.

How pretty is this picture? The modern lamp is well … YAY. Im not even a girly girl, but this picture just makes me feel like if I lived in that room little blue birds would carry my robe to me each morning and help me brush my hair sitting at that vanity. Princess fantasies.

WAIT- now comes the other half of the project:

Now, is it me, or do these seem like two TOTALLY different apartments? I mean, they actually could be, she just has them listed under Chelsea. Although why would she group two projects together? She probably wouldnt.

So the questions: Are these in the same apartment? Can you possibly see how these correlate? and if they dont, does that bother you? Does a house have to match itself? What do you think of all the rooms separately?

Basically just tell me what you are thinking!

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  1. The dining room and the living room are just stunning. I love the mid century feel.

  2. Marielle says:

    they look like two separate apartments.

  3. My first thought was that the other rooms felt drastically different because they’re perhaps for specific people. Room #1 (in the second half of the photos) feels like an office for a man. The dining space is…random. But the next two are definitely kid rooms. So, maybe not so weird to have all these rooms in one apartment.

    I’m more interested in the bedroom with two twin beds. Is that a balance beam? You can get those? I sort of want one now…

  4. Rachel says:

    Having all these rooms in one apartment would not bother me, I’m assuming it feels somewht cohesive based on the layout and flow of apartment. The master bedroom is too feminine for my taste and a floating bed just doesn’t seem cozy. I don’t like the boys room, and what is on the windows in the office? I really like the dining room overall, though on the fence about the mural.