ALL MY SOURCES + more photos from RUE: Part II.

Welcome back to ALL MY SOURCES, Part II. If you haven’t already, check out PART I for before and afters of my Living/Dining area and of course, all my sources.

Also check out THIS POST for some beautiful outtakes from the RUE Magazine shoot, and some behind the scenes photos.

And of course, the spread on page 100 HERE.

I really want to thank all the bloggers who wrote about my apartment this week! I am so honored and grateful. TRULY. I am AMAZED by all the positive energy coming my way, and I must say, this past week made all those thankless hours of blogging away in the middle of the night worthwhile! And honestly, it’s the blogging community that makes it all so special. Nothing else. Just this little world that we are all a part of… It’s really spectacular.

Anyway, I’ll stop being such a sap now, and get on to the SOURCES!

Cookie’s room:

{Outtakes from RUE}

{My own photos}

So, I think I have mentioned this before, but when I was growing up I had a room that was similar to this in my Grandmother’s summer house. Actually, it was more like this Chloe Sevigny room that I posted a while ago, in that the walls, ceiling, bedding and canopy were all made out of the same birdy fabric! I knew I wanted to do something like that, but I wanted to update it and make it more modern. I started with this Cole & Son wallpaper, which for some reason is sold at Anthropology as an exclusive. (Which is not where I got it and its way overpriced there.) Anyway, I stared with one wall because I was chicken to do the whole room, and honestly, it took a long time before I got the room looking decent. The first wall color I tried with this wallpaper was a pale green. I thought it wouldnt match the wallpaper but just be a paler shade of green. YIKES. It stayed like that for a year. Anyway, eventually I found this pale gray color and once I painted the walls with it, the whole room made sense to me! Everything else was already in the room… but the wallcolor really tied the look together.


Crib and changer are Netto Cabine from Dimples Baby: Crib, Changer.

Chair is from The Conran Shop, its the  lou lou ghost and the blanket is also from there.

The light fixture is antique, I actually got it from the Kips Bay Pop-Up Shop last spring and had it rewired at Just Bulbs so that it could be plugged in. (NYC ceilings are often made of concrete- which is why so few rooms have overhead lighting. Luckily the outlets link up with the light switches so this swagged chandelier was a good solution.)

The painting of the dolls is the first painting I ever did in 1994 when I was 9. My grandma kept it all these years and gave it back to me!!

The other two paintings were made by Cookie on canvas paper and put into Ikea ribba frames.(Canvas paper is sold in little books at the art store, and its a great option for making easily frame-able artwork with kids.) Im not kidding- these are the two best paintings in the house and they were made by a 1 year old!

The wicker chair is from Ikea. The leather pillows on the window seat are in my Etsy shop and of course, she has the ikea table that I covered with marbled paper from Paper Mojo as her desk. See the post HERE.

The carpet is from Stark.

Master Bedroom:

My bed was custom made for me by my upholsterer for my first apartment.

Side tables are Bungalow 5 available HERE.

Above bed library lamps are from Circa Lighting This is my favorite thing in the room.

The lamps are by Barbara Cosgrove.

The wallpaper is Imperial Trellis in noir from Schumacher. The rug is from Stark.

The bed spread is from Prima Linens, you can contact them at

The bed roll was custom made for me by Melanie of Plum Cushion.

The mirrors behind the lamps are from West Elm.

The gorgeous wingback chair is by The New Traditionalists. As is the dresser under the TV. (ALSO they are my new favorite company, their showroom is brilliant and they are hosting the RUE party tonight!)

The vintage camel stool used as an ottoman was purchased at the Bodega Shoppe in Asbury Park.

The leather and Linen pillows are by me and in will be in my Etsy Shop.


First of all, this is my least favorite picture of the entire spread. I want to BURN that bloomingdales bag. It’s taunting me! I also hate that the lamp is blocking the picture frame….

Anyway, what you cant see is that this room is connected to the bedroom. And that separating the two rooms is a pair of cream wool drapes with a black Chromespun Grosgrain trim. Yum.

You can see it a little better in this picture that I took:

{Photo by me}

I purposely tried to contradict the glamour of the black trellis wallpaper with this grasscloth in the ajoining room. I was inspired by the 7th floor of Bergdorfs. The walls of the elevator banks are a rafia paper like this, with black trim. It’s awesome. (This wallpaper is a rice weave by Schumacher.)

What you also cant see is that this tiny room as 3 doors. One to the bathroom and two for the closets. They add the black POP that this room needed. Also of note- I purposely mixed cream, white and black WITH silver and gold in this room. I felt that if I kept the room completely black and white, without the cream, that it would be a little too harsh.

{This is a SUPREMELY CRAPPY picture of the black doors that I took right after we painted them just so I could show them to Rebecca June. PLEASE do not take this picture and post it anywhere! There is goddamn laundry in it!)

Sources for dressing room:

The chandelier in bedroom  is vintage Waterford and  was in storage in my MIL’s basement for 15- 20 years! I had it rewired and bought black lamp shades from Gracious Home. (The key to decorating is scavenging!!! I could do all whole post on just the stuff I got for free and reworked!)

The desk chair is Arteriors , the desk was custom from Plexi-craft.

The mirror is by Made Goods.

The horse head hooks are from a Manhattan equestrian shop, you can find them online HERE.

The Den

So the situation with the den is that it is really just temporary. I always knew I would have to turn it into a nursery eventually, so I went as cheap as possible. Everything in here was either really cheap, free or from my first apartment. Its kind of where I throw everything that has no place anywhere else.

{Outtake from RUE shoot.}

So here is the deal. I had one wall painted OLD NAVY by Benjamin Moore. I had my contractor build a bookcase for the entire wall. He matched the baseboard molding so that it would look like it was built in. You cant see from the picture, but the walls are actually covered with a white basket weave grasscloth wallpaper. I thought it was a way to add in texture while keeping the look really crisp.

Do you see how the bookcase looks really neat and crisp? Well, its never like that. Its usually SO PACKED with books that I dont even have room for accessories! Emily and her assistant style just one section and the rest of the room was covered with them! They also removed the coffee table for the picture. (The coffee table was something one of my friends was throwing out!)

Literally every vase, foo dog, horse head is from Home Goods and was in my first apartment as well.

{My own photo from the day of the Rue shoot, you can see a little more of the room, although its dark.}

The couch is from Ethan Allen, I custom chose the blue velvet and the white base.(The people in the store thought I was crazy, and lo and behold, Jonathan Alder has this exact same sofa 3 months later… HMMMMMM!)

The zebra rug is from e-cowhides, and it was in my first apartment… purchased in 2007 at the height of zebra madness.

The Barcelona Chair is also from my first apartment. The silver and white pillow sitting on top is made by me and will be in my etsy shop.

The lucite/ikat stool is vintage and its for sale if anyone wants it, make me an offer!

These shades as well as the  ones in Cookie’s room and the black wooden blinds in my bedroom are from The Shade Store.

So that’s it for now! Feel free to email me, or leave a comment about anything you feel I left out! I would love to answer your questions! If you want to read more about every step along the way, check out the category “My Apartment”!

Hopefully I will meet some of you at the RUE party tonight at The New Traditionalist showroom! Now…What to wear?

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  1. nicole, thanks so much for the sources. your dressing area is really one of my favorites from the shoot – so funny to hear that it’s your least fave. I love how you’ve put everything together there and especially like the desk. Maybe it’s the cream background (especially paired with the dark mirror frame) that does it for me. Whatever it is, I love it.


  2. MMish says:

    I have been to the new traditionalists showroom back when I was looking for baby furniture, pure HEAVEN.
    You are so talented it hurts my eyes (in a good way). When we buy our first apt im hiring you to decorate!

  3. You are so generous to share all your sources. And your bedroom is just a fabulous eclectic mix – the library lights (and their clever placement) are my favorite thing as well! You did a great job!!

  4. Awesome job Nicole….you style is fearless…..

  5. Honestly, I totally and completely adore everything about your home- I’m actually kind of in awe of the whole thing. The wallpaper in Cookie’s room blows me a way and your dressing room, one of my favourites- the grasscloth, lucite console and ornate black mirror are killer- seriously love. Thanks for sharing your sources- you made this issue of Rue my favourite yet. xo

  6. Your whole place is terrific. Thank you for so much information! I’m happy to have found you because of it!

  7. Your master bedroom is to die for. I love the headboard and the brass library lamps! Your dressing area is fabulous too. Burn the bag but everything else is right on point. I love seeing your beautiful abstract in the reflection of the mirror. Devine.

  8. Stacey says:

    Love all the pictures! I want the rug from Cookies room! I have a striped rug like that in different colors in 2 different rooms (my family room-cream, taupe, gold,light blues and my sons room-choc brown gold, blue) I love stripes! I got a solid/texture for my daughter but now I think she should also have a fun stripe to pop the room….hmmmmm, what to do.

    • Mich281 says:

      stacey – where did you get the rug for your sons room?

    • Dori says:

      Stacey,post a photo of your sons room. How about a custom color rug from Jonathan alder for your daughters room.

  9. Ditto on everyone’s comments on everything. Its all just so gorgeous and has been so much fun seeing where you found everything!

  10. I really LOVE all of cookie’s furniture, so stylish! I would love to hear more or see pictures from your first apartment. You seem to have had some really stylish stuff in there. Not at all like my first place, heck not even like my current place which is a SUPER work in progress! I would also love to hear more about combining the two apartments and a floor plan to see how everything flows together. This is nosy I’m sure but I’m curious!

  11. Honestly? Your place is AMAZING. But you already knew that ;) You really do have a talent for putting all this together. You definitely have a future in design! My taste is not nearly as modern, but I really admire your space. Bravo!

  12. I love that you have your first painting in Cookie’s room! My father has the first pastel that I ever did hanging in his house and it makes me so happy every time I visit. Perhaps someday it will go in my future daughters room!

    I will be at the Rue Party tonight as well! See you there!

  13. Caron says:

    You really did an amazing job! the photos are amazing! Congratulations!
    I love those pink pillows on your navy sofa in the den. Where are those from???

  14. I just got around to checking out the magazine this weekend, and the photos of your place are just so stunning. And you look so great! Crap, I wish I’d looked that good when I was pregnant! I absolutely love those paintings that Cookie did. The colors are perfection in there.

  15. Wow, your apartment came to it´s right in that magazine! I see a huge potential in your pillows and accessories line, you will do great!

    Well done and love your style.

  16. Lovely rooms. Starting with Cookie’s room, what an adorable little space, full of sweet details. I’m sure she will remember and cherish her room…too cute! Your master bedroom is amazing, very powerful yet relaxing with the black and white color scheme. Your night stands really caught my attention. Thanks for sharing these her…keep up the good work :)

  17. I love it all! Your daughter’s room is beautiful. The master is beautiful. It’s all beautiful. And that silver and white pillow is so unique, I LOVE it!

  18. Ah, I have been avoiding reading these posts so I could read the Rue Mag article first. I finally got a chance tonight. I flipped through the article so fast when I first looked at the mag that I didn’t even realize it was your apartment, but yet the kitchen pendants, black & white striped chair and vintage sideboard (which btw I’m coveting) looked eerily familiar. Duh! It was great to read the article and learn things about you I had never known before. Thanks so much for sharing a little piece of yourself!

  19. I love everything about your pad. You have such great taste! Much to my husband’s dismay, you make me want to redecorate (again). I will say tho I’m stealing an idea for my daughter’s room — the large abstract finger paintings. Love them!

  20. Such a beautiful spread in Rue. I just had to check out your site. Lovely! Cookies room is fabulous. I’m always looking for fun ideas for my daughters’ room.

  21. Dori says:

    Love your library lamps over the bed. Can they be hard wired?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks! Im sure they could if you took them to an electrician. Mine arent.

  22. ana tamani mistry says:

    what a lovely pictures and design. please notify me of any other post.

  23. Heather Miller says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out what the black and white photograph is to the right of the bed, above the chair, next to the nightstand but can’t find it sourced anywhere. Can you tell me what it is and if it’s available for sale?


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