This room: yes or no?

This is the home of the White half of the design duo White Webb. Featured in Elle Decor Nov 2006.

You know White Webb- right? The people that brought us this at Kips Bay one year:


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  1. I don’t like it at all. I’m not a fan of those butter yellow walls. I loath the giant Christmas tree ornament / mirror thing. I don’t like the brown couch, the red pillows, or the gold table. Even the way the windows are framed in white and the architectural beams are black bothers me (I think the window frames look dirty.) Furniture placement also looks slightly awkward.

    I think the t-back chairs might be alright, and maybe the striped chair. I’m assuming the view is quite nice…

  2. WHY would they cover those windows with that god-awful mirror thing?
    The black beams don’t mesh.
    And I hate that gold table.

  3. i don’t think the color story is very appealing. also agree with anita…that mirror is hideous.
    and the wall in the daybed pic looks like tin can lids. not pretty at all.
    looks to me like these white webb people have taste issues.

  4. I thought tin can lids too! What is that really?

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Yes! They are tin can lids…I saw it in person and it was really really cool. But the first picture – I HATE!

  6. Jenny says:

    I love the bottom picture, although it’s not my normal style, something about it just seems so right. In the top picture, I can’t even look at it because my eye is consistently drawn to what looks like a Gulliver sized black suit hanger on the ceiling.

  7. SARAH says:


  8. What the heck is that THING in the first picture? Did the photographer dangle a Christmas ornament in front of the camera lens?!