This room: Yes or No?

I usually love everything Mary Mcdonald does, and I have her book!  But something about this room  I just dont love.

I know I dont like those drapes. I like the desk and the small chair, but the rest of the room… from what I could see of it – eh!

(And I want you to know that the photo is not enlarged by me, and if you make it smaller, it doesnt appear clearer – its from the Decorati website and its just blurry. And I tried but I couldnt find a better picture of this room.)

So what do you think: Yes or no?

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  1. Um… Hotel lobby circa 1993?

  2. I think its the window treatments… maybe if white was emphasized over all the gray?? I’m with you though, love some Mary McDonald. We all have our days.

  3. hate the curtains. while there are pretty moments throughout- as a whole it just looks cold and uninviting.

  4. Dori says:

    I hate the drapes! The rest of the room is a little ruddy ruddy for my taste .

  5. yuck. I think it appears VERY flat.


    Rebecca June

  6. I kinda like it. Not the pink, it doesn’t complement the other colours.

    I also don’t like the mirror above the fireplace – it needs to be bigger and square-er (I know that isn’t a word).

    The urns need to go…. as does the pineapple lamp.

    It is a very elegant space, but pink and purple were not the right feature/highlighting colours.

  7. I vote no– the drapes are just SO bad. And I usually LOVE white floors but they’re also not doing anything for me in this room. Agree with Jenny, completely uninviting.

  8. Um hell no.