The most embarrassing moment of my life:

Get ready guys, its a doozy.

I am working on a project where Scarlet Johanson’s father is the architect. I was sitting in a meeting yesterday with 5 men- and myself- and we were discussing the project.

Out of nowhere one of the men blurts out: “You know, he is Scarlet Johanson’s father, right?” So I said, Yes.

So this guy says… “Some people say that Nicole looks like Scarlet Johanson….”

So, now I let out a snort, laugh – like oh shut up. (Cause I look NOTHING like this person, and even if I were her spitting image, I would never have mentioned anything about her to her FATHER!)

And then everyone stares at me. And the father says – “Yea-mumble,mumble, mumble- they are both female.”

AND THEN, someone says… well she is almost 7 months pregnant. As if THATS why I dont look like her today. That was the worst part.

I turned 8 shades of purple and tears were in my eyes. Time stood still. Im telling you, there was a ten second silence with all of them inspecting me. I could feel them all looking at how ugly I am. Wanted to die.

The whole thing was just SOOOOO embarrassing.

I want to quit the job so I never have to be in the room with any of them again.

This is one of the most horribly mortifying moments in recent memory for me… Anyone else care to share some?

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  1. Did they think they were being funny? So not entertaining and so rude. I’m sorry! If it makes you feel better, I bitched out a girl at a bar, grabbed my drink and forgot there were 3 stairs behind me, and fell flat on my face. Some guy tried to catch me, but ended up pouring his whole drink on my head. And both of my shoes fell off. So I stood up, soaking wet, barefoot and horrified. Make you feel better?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes, I cant lie- that made me feel better.

      At first I think they thought it was funny, and then they were all horrified for me.

  2. This is horrifying. *hugs*

  3. Jenny says:

    I’m sorry, that just makes me laugh. I’m sure the guy that said it was giving you a huge compliment (and I gotta say, that is one, because she is gorgeous!), and then the 7 month pregnant thing is just the icing on the cake. I’m cracking up typing this because he is a MAN and in his clumsy MALE way was being nice, but I think it’s hard to give compliments to pregnant women who don’t feel sexy and gorgeous all the time, but feel swollen and uncomfortable and fat, even if they aren’t. And SJ’s father was a bit rude, wasn’t he, but probably just uncomfortable because it must be hard having a famous person in the family that people are always commenting on even when they don’t know the person! I don’t know what you look like, but you sound gorgeous so he was probably right!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I definitely dont think anyone was intentionally trying to hurt me or anything… It just ended up being so awkward for everyone!

      And Im ok looking- but I look nothing like her! I am of middle eastern decent and I look it … olive complexion, brown curly hair… not blond and blue eyed!

  4. ShellyLove says:

    You are much prettier than her! She looks so fake! Look on the web for before and after plastic surgery pictures of her. She has completely changed her face. And those giant fake boobs! Ugh, she looks like a cheap slut! Don’t be upset. Her father sounds like a real jerk!

  5. Renee Dweck says:

    HI Nicole,
    I have a better for you—someone told me this summer about my 8 year old daughter”she is so pretty she looks noooottthhiinngg like you (emphasis on the nothing)” they continued to say it, then they said “she must look like your in-laws”. A few minutes pass then my 3 yr old daughter comes she is kinda of a mess with 2 unmatched socks, one side of a pik tail, and a horrendous (self chosen)outfit, with food smeared on her cheek comes to me and the same lady says” she looks exactly like you!”

    btw, Nicole-you put scarlet to shame-she wishes she looked like you!!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      How bout when you are pregnant and they tell you “OH – YOU ARE SO HAVING A GIRL! YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT!” because they think a girl steals your beauty… basically just saying – you look bad!

      People are so dumb sometimes!

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    PS I am wearing tons of makeup and jewelry today. Not a coincidence!

  7. As dumb as men can be it still amazes me that women don’t rule the world. We must be too forgiving. Beautiful girl, what a horrible moment to have to live through. I hope you’re able to look back on it and laugh fairly soon. There are so many things that chip away at our self confidence. It’s up to each of us to build the other up. I’m sure Mr. Johannsen would love to have a daughter as creative, beautiful, brilliant and talented as you are instead of just one with big boobs who he mostly watches making out with various men in movies. Head high, righteous girl!

  8. Rachel says:

    I went to visit my husband at his office when I was in my 9th month, and one of the impossibly skinny and blond office girls says, “I can tell you are having a girl, they say a girl robs her mother of her beauty.” What was I supposed to answer to that? Did a lot for my self esteem when I already felt like a house. Then she repeated the comment to my husband… and I had a boy.

  9. Tiffany says:

    ur much prettier – pregnant or not.

  10. stephanie says:

    nic who are you kidding, you look like her! Face it.

  11. you’re pregnant. everything feels like a million times more horrible when you are pregnant. everything.

    once an 80’s celebrity had their peen in my butt and he asked me (over my shoulder) “don’t you wish this was a big, black cock in you instead?” i mean what could be more embarrassing than that?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think you just won comment of the year! Im gonna send you a couple of soap rocks as a thank you for making my day!

    • oh. my. god. my anus just SNAPPED shut in protest.

  12. Don’t quit.!.! They probably don’t even remember it today. Men are strange. If they do remember it, they might feel awkward and be nicer to you.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Im not quitting. We all laughed about it today. If I didnt also think it was funny as well as embarrassing I wouldnt have posted it!

  13. Hold on a second here…Being told that you look like Scarlet Johansen is NEVER embarrassing, even in front of her Dad. It’s a huge complement!!
    and MFAMB: WHO WAS IT???

  14. I know you are a great, intelligent and interesting person (if not i wouldn’t follow your blog) and after seeing a pic of you I also knew you are very pretty as well.
    I know this next advice if difficult to do, but a wise woman once told me that she din’t allowed anyone to make her feel bad or could ruin her day by saying something bad about her. If you can keep that in mind it really works.

    Men are dumb.

  15. sasha says:

    I posted something but it was lost ;o(

    Men have a hard time relating to women in power. They say stupid things so they feel like they are hip or cool. Cuz, let’s face it….women are cooler than men! It probably wasn’t even remembered. Never quit! Show ’em who’s boss!!

  16. Bluemermaid says:

    I used to think you looked exactly like her…. than she changed. I think if she ever met you, she would think to herself, why did I ruin myself…I could have been looking like you!
    You are gorgeous! Always were and always will be!!!

  17. Pokemon Trainer Girl says:

    I’m a few years late here, but here’s what I would of said:

    I can’t really tell from your picture, but you do seem to have a certain facial structure that’s similar to hers and probably have a certain look of her (This is a compliment, because I personally think she’s very pretty) and I’m sure you’re very pretty! I wouldn’t over-think this too much, don’t let stuff like this bother you ♥

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Awww thanks for the reply. I was 8 months pregnant at the time, so when her actual dad laughed at me, I really felt like crap! All good now ;) Thanks!