Some things that caught my eye at ABC Home.

A few days ago Chedva and I took a little trip to ABC Home. It’s notoriously overpriced, but it is definitely fun to browse, and if you are lucky, you can catch some things on sale and get a good (or not horrible) deal.

Here are some of my new favorite pieces in the store:

This is very similar to the etagere I had been loving over at Mrs Howard that cost $6500! Only this one cost $3500. The problem is that its too tall for where I would want it.

Chedva and I loved the mismatched chairs at this rustic dining table. I liked how they used 2 of each chair  + 4 purples and not 8 totally different chairs. Its a good way to keep the table looking cohesive but also interesting.

I was loving the new Esquire collection from Timothy Oulton. I think this chair retains for around $2500.

Also part of the Timothy Oulton section of the store was this gigantic plated wall:

Whether or not you like plates on a wall, you have to admit- the scale of this wall is amazing!

I have been loving these steel chairs for about 2 months now. I really really want to buy them, but sitting in them feels like a knife is cutting into your back!

These vintage string chairs had such a presence in person. Their profile was really spectacular:

Doesn’t this desk remind you of the Novogratz?

Not my personal style, but I like it better than the one they bought!

I left without buying anything-as usual- but it was definitely fun to take a first timer there!

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  1. The dining table with the french chairs is AMAZING- It is one of the few times that I’ve seen something in a store that I would say can I just take the whole thing exactly as it is displayed- seriously gorgeous!!!! I’d love to visit that store in person just to see it. Thanks for the tour:)

  2. Thanks for taking me to ABC, Nicole. It was so much fun! The Timothy Oulton chair is SO good.

  3. I want to live in ABC Home. Love the plated wall and string chairs!
    I just repainted my bedroom and am feeling the need for an ABC trip for new bedding!!

  4. I love love love that etagere. A designer I worked for found the most gorgeous pair of brass etageres for $90, so jealous. I’ve been on a hunt ever since.

  5. that timothy whatshisface chair is awesome!!! the plate wall is crazy cool.

    they need an ABC home in atlanta.
    i would work there.

  6. Love making a day of ABC! Fabulous eats, friendly, helpful staff. The outlet in Delray Beach also coughs up some bargains on occasion. (Love the etagere. Can’t get past big box RH connect with Oulton. Accessibility, alas, knocks the bloom off the rose with over exposure.)

  7. Ooh, I want to know more about that tufted patchwork velvet sofa from the plate picture.

  8. I saw that rustic dining table when I was at ABC in November. Something about it was so appealing – I’ve never seen anything else like it.