Reader Poll: Who is the craziest housewife?

Your answers and suggestions are MORE than welcome.

Who is the craziest housewife? Crazy as in - needs professional help. Not "You so crazy!"

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  1. I picked Kelly because I think she is truly, clinically insane. I think the others need therapists, for sure, but have a few more marbles still in place to carry them through in the meantime.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      They are all so similar in that they are singularly self absorbed.

      I dont actually think therapy: Ie MORE talking about themselves would help any one of these women.

  2. I voted for Kelly, too. She just seems so unaware of the reality around her. The other women I think are super aware of what’s around them and what they are putting out there. Kelly is just crazy.

    But to be fair, I haven’t seen the most recent episode of RHOBH.

  3. Kelly. I mean, honestly, I feel like all of them have some kind of mental illness. But the thing with Kelly is that she seems to have a paranoia and there seems to be something genuinely dangerous about her. If someone told me she killed herself, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised, as she seems to exhibit such unstable behavior that I believe she is capable of hurting herself or someone else. That’s a really sad reality, but it is what I think. I also think that the producers are being irresponsible if they allow her to do this show again.

    Camille is a narcissist, Danielle is a pathological liar and Michaeale is divorced from reality. It doesn’t help that Michaelae’s husband contributes to her delusions and encourages it. I feel sort of like he is emotionally abusing her.

    Camille is the one I feel least sorry for. She is so out of touch with what it is like to be a normal human being and lacks so much compassion, that I think most people will enjoy the upcoming episodes where she gets her comeuppance regarding Kelsey.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Love this analysis! I can also see Danielle hurting someone. She seems to be the only one who is really dangerous to others.

      I dont see Kelly killing herself. She is mainly happy go lucky most of the time, nestled securely in her little bubble. Plus, she is a mother and I think she really loves her kids. I do think it is DEFINITELY in her best interest NOT to do the show again. She just cant handle the pressure. I think if she just kinda sits her life out in the hamptons playing with horses and bunnies she will be ok. But this show is way too intense for her.

      And Camille- she is the most unwatchable of all the women. I dont have a scrap of sympathy for her, because not even for a second have I seen her exhibit any likable qualities. Even around her kids and husband she is all self absorbed and revolting.

  4. claudy says:

    the only ones who i think really are diagnosed as crazy are kelly and danielle. i think camille is just very insecure and dumb and wants attention so this is how she gets it and i think michaele is just a liar