Pale Gray + Dark Wood = Gorgeous.

The pale gray walls… That MOLDING, the fireplace… and the wood. I DIE. Love the long skinny mirror too…

Im eh on the plant.

I dont know where this place is, but I love it.

Via Luella Says.

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  1. I Love it too, but I am confused on the capiz shell hanging fixture in the corner of nowhere. Its too short to be a lamp, but I think that is what it is. Frankly, it is just too short for that corner.


    Rebecca June

  2. Really is a gorgeous space, each detail.
    But I have to agree with Rebecca on the shell capiz, it’s the only thing not working for me.
    But love it overall xx

  3. There’s a subtle pattern to those walls, so methinks it’s papered, so I like it even more. Some people might argue that two mirrors in one smallish room doesn’t work, but this room is a clear example of how wrong “rules” can be. Great find.

  4. WOW! I love that room–I am a sucker for dark hardwoods and light walls.

  5. Love the color on the walls and the long skinny mirror. The table seems small for how large the fireplace and the mirror are. Maybe it’s just the angle of the room love it anyway!


  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    Ok – confession… I didnt even SEE that shell lamp before I posted it. Agree that its weird there. Strange placement and kinda looks like – why is that west elm lamp in this gorgeous room.

    And I kinda agree that the furniture is a dot strange… but I still like it.

  7. Um. Yum. Delicious. Gorgeous.