Lavish Recap Round Up: Bloggers are awesome.

Ok… So now I have already missed the boat on the whole RECAP thing, and I’m thinking… if everyone’s already done it to perfection – should I even bother?

Answer: NO. Instead Im going to send you to their blogs to check it out.

First, Erica’s recap of the entire event... I agree with every single word she said.

P.S. Also includes video of Jenny(MFAMB) dancing.

{Erica, Molly, Jenny, Me- Molly and I are possessed by the devil}

Then I’m going to send you to Abby of 5th Joy’s blog for the best recap of Design Sponge’s speech. This is a MUST READ for anyone looking to promote a business or blog tastefully online. WAY WAY USEFUL. So check that out HERE.

For a rundown of the whole event… you can also go read what Alesia Bags has to say.

To read about mine and Erica’s session you can go here and here on Sketch42. Also, I wrote another post that is for beginner bloggers about voice, what to expect and some general tips HERE. I wrote it because I get A LOT of phone calls and emails about this from people…

You can also go to Erika Ward’s blog Blue Label Bungalow to see the handout from her session. It’s a literal HOW TO on starting and maintaing a successful blog. A check list for those of you who need visuals. HERE.

PS… Im trying to convince Erica to do a weekly post called “Blogging Tip of The Day” Although I am shit sure she will have a way better title for it than that… But in general, we just need her to try techie tools and tell us about them!

So now I’m gonna tell you who is cool and who is a big fat bitch… Truthfully – the only big fat bitch might be me! (Is it a good or a bad thing when people tell you that you are NICER on your blog? And also “I can count on you to tell me the truth!” HMMMMMM!)

So here is the juice: Jenny(MFAMB) has the best legs ever and she is really beautiful. She makes hanging out with normal people suck in comparison. Molly (GET A BLOG!) is hillarious and she needs to leave her husband and kids to come move to NYC. Brian (Decor Demon)  is the fastest talker in the world because he is literally BUBBLING OVER with enthusiasm and creativity. He is also ridiculously tall. Cassandra (Coco + Kelly) is a real true professional… We spent a lot of time talking… and I think she is the real deal when it comes to blogging. I expect something huge from her. Abby (5thJoy) is also really cool and very pretty and we are hanging this week! Seriously, there was not one person there that made me think – ugh.

The blogging love-fest didnt end when I left Atlanta, I took the nicest blogger on the planet Chedva(Belly’s Button) to ABCHome today. And this girl is so damned sweet. She actually brought me a present from Israel! I dont know about you, but I wouldn’t lug crap through the airport for just anybody!

{These nesting bowls are by an Israeli potter named Samy-D and given to me by Chedva!}

My conclusion: Hanging with my blog folk was awesome. When else do I get to sit with people who will discuss the nuances of different wallpaper textures without rolling their eyes? Whose ideal dinner conversation is Lonny vs Rue? Who think I am normal and not a freak with internet-friends?

If you recall- I started this blog because I was frustrating everyone I knew with my decor-talk. They were sick of me… You can go read it in my first post ever, its true. (Also if you have a new blog and need encouragement, you can go read how crappy my posts were in the first few months!)

So…. Thank you everyone! Much love to you all…

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  1. Great to finally talk to you in the flesh. What a great time had by all…Looking forward to the next shindig. xoxo

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes! It really was… I feel bad that I cant make it to ALT… Im going to be too pregnant. Are you going?

  2. Molly Marler says:

    YOU. ARE. AWESOME. Thanks for the devil-pic; I think it really sums me up. I had such an amazing night with y’all! Honestly, sitting around the table at W I felt like I was with people who GOT me, who loved the same things I love, and who I could talk as easily about wallpaper with as I did Lanvin or even baby crap! I adore you, and not only think you’re hysterically brilliant, you are so very kind, and most of all, SUCH FUN. Please please please clear a corner in the manse pour moi. I’m outside and its REALLY fucking cold. No really. XO

  3. Marielle says:

    i’m in love with the bowls. they’re beautiful !

  4. Thank you so much for the amazing session on Sunday. Ya’ll are so sweet for sharing your tips! I’m gonna have to visit your notes from your other session I unfortunately missed.

  5. Thank you for including me! I’ve been reading all your blog tip posts. Please keep them coming!

  6. Nicole, in my opinion there can never be too many recaps of the weekend!
    I learned so much, and had THE best time! I got a lot of great video too, editing as we speak…so GET. READY :) And for what it’s worth, what a bunch of stunning woman you are all!


  8. What a fun weekend!! :)

  9. if i could dance my way up there i would and then i would hug the ever loving baby right out of you.

  10. hey lady..glad we had a chance to chat in person this time…That Nate always gets in the way..LOL..But really…i enjoyed the convo. Yall were to funny.


  11. 1. LOVE.
    2. I can’t believe that someone said you’re nicer on the blog, you’re so great in person! I had the best time with you today.

    • @chedva Ha! That was actually me! I just meant that in person, she let’s loose a bit more and on the blog she doesn’t say things like: THAT ROOM WAS SOOOO UGLY :)

      But yes, Nicole is great in person AND online!

      • LOL! In that case, aren’t we all a little nicer on our blogs?

        • Uhm, have you ever been to my blog?? :)

          Not I!

          • Nicole Cohen says:

            Erica- You are actually the opposite of me. While in person you are able to rein it in, on the blog you let it all out!

            I do have a particularly big mouth… its true. If only the real life had a little backspace button.

  12. My jealousy is palpable…I really wanted to make Lavish, but it wasn’t in the cards. Frown.


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