Happy Holidays!

Hello yummy room with a fur throw and flokatis and the best floors ever…

I’ll be spending the weekend lazing around… how bout you?

I hope everyone has a Merry Xmas and I want to say that I fluctuate wildly between: How does anyone afford this, thank god I’m Jewish feelings… and feelings of OH MY I wish I was wearing red flannel pjs and drinking egg nog right now.

And I got some real life -in the mail- christmas cards this year, and I LOVED it. So thank you to all my blog friends who sent them to me, and although I did appreciate the virtual cards too, how awesome is getting something in the mail that isnt complete crap? AWESOME.

I’ll try to get a recap of last nights Real Housewives of BH going later…


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  1. Faux fur throw is on my list for sure! They are so yummy. Happy Holidays :)

  2. Have a snuggly weekend no matter what!

  3. Hey, you can be Jewish and wear red flannel PJs while drinking festive drinks (hot chocolate is my jam, egg nog, not so much). It works for me, anyway…

  4. Oops, just the and was supposed to be italicized!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I did kind of. No red flannels, but sweatpants all day with many bagels and much coffee;)