Guess who lives here. Also this room: Yes or No?

I LOVE the chandelier. HATE the orchids in vases by the staircase. Dont think I really like the sconces. But what about those black squares above the two doorways? I kinda think they work.  Thoughts?

And if you are wondering who lives here, click HERE.

PS: She also has the same Nancy Corzine bed as Lisa Vanderpump!

Do we even like this damn bed?

{The Vanderpump boudoir!}

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  1. paris hilton via faye resnick. and i hate everything about that shit. yuck to the bed. it looks stiff and fussy and dated.

  2. I think her house really fits her

  3. I do not like that bed.
    (and that music on her website is horrible!!!)

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    I thought I was the only one who hated that bed. I actually saw it in a project in person. I didnt dig it then either.

    And Ilana- you are right, her house REALLY does fit her.

    Anita- the music is horrible, but oh so fitting!

  5. It fits her, as in it’s immature. As in not a very elevated sense of style.

  6. gloria says:


  7. Marielle says:

    the music is the cherry on top