Gift this: The prettiest perfume bottles.

Before I say anything, I have to confess that I dont really wear perfume. It’s not that I mind it on other people, I kinda like it, its just that whenever I ever wear perfume  and then wear some article of clothing, I hate  that when I try to wear it again it already smells. Maybe I have a very strong scent memory, but the whole thing just doesnt appeal to me. I can pick up a scarf and think – Ugh, college. Or – Ew, thats from when I was early pregnant…

Despite the fact that picking a scent is very personal – almost every bottle of perfume I own has been a gift. I get it- its a pretty good gift.  It smells good, its pretty, and it usually bears the name of a high end designer whose products would otherwise be WAY out of the price range for a gift.

What I do love about perfume bottles is the look. Who doesnt have a little collection of these on a vanity somewhere? I do. And of course, like with most things I already own and have no need to replace (re: kitchenware, dinnerware) I would love to chuck all the ugly fancy bottles I already own and start collecting simple, chic ones like these.

I’m not really very femmy, and all of these bottles (with the exception of the Marc Jacobs – that one I just included because I thought it was really whimsical and cute) tend toward the elegant, vintage inspired and masculine…

1.Chloe $110

2. Balenciaga Black Caviar Scrub

3. Tom Ford Black Orchid $138

4.Hanae Mori Butterfly $90

5. Prada Eau de Parfum Spray $100

6. Joe Malone $100

7. Chanel N°5 Parfum

8. Van Cleef & Arpels Lys Carmen

9. Fracas Robert Piguet $95

10. David Yurman $75

11. Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne $85

12. Balenciaga Paris Collection

13. Marc Jacobs Lola

If you do need a last minute gift for someone, a pretty perfume bottle is always welcome, even if the perfume inside isnt!

How do you feel about perfume? Love it, hate it? Collect it? Do you have a scent that you wont ever deviate from? What is it?

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  1. I am so not a perfume person. I found one ~10 years ago and I still like it: Sage Onyx. Kind of meh packaging but I like roll-ons, and the label and little box always feel sort of glam hippie to me.

  2. i want all of those bottles for my (non-working) fireplace mantel in my bedroom.

  3. I am a perfume whoooore, and I don’t mind sayin it. One of the things I love about it IS the scent memory that goes along with it. I have that number four perfume above – Hanae Mori, and I bought it specifically to wear on my wedding day, so I forever am reminded of it whenever I wear it. I also love Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, Burberry Brit, and in the summer, anything that smells coconutty. Right now I am on the search for a winter scent, and got a bunch of samples from Lucky Scent – the one I’m wearing today is frankencense and myrrh, and it’s pretty delish. The bottles above that I like the best are the black Tom Ford – LOVE that one – and the quilted looking David Yurman.

    And that is WAAAY too much from me about perfume. Ah well!


    • Nicole Cohen says:

      So funny- exactly what you like about it is what I hate about it. My favorite bottles are the prada, the fracas, and the two that you like too…