Two chairs, three ways.

Caramel egg chairs….

Meet your long lost friends gray egg chairs:

{By David Mann}

And meet your sexy new neighbors: metallic silver egg chairs:
{Beale-Lana Interior Design}

Which is your favorite pair? I love the first and second… not feeling the metallic chairs, although I do LOVE that floor!

Images from Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

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  1. still thinking…

  2. #1 definitely, but I like room #2 best. That giant fly on the wall in #3 is hysterical.

  3. #1 is nearly edible. Yum.

  4. I like #1 #2 because of the setup of the rooms. If the metallic chairs were in a different setting I would like them better.

  5. I’m thinking the second one is my favorite because I’d be surrounded by books! Just give me a cup of Joe and I’m set!


  6. those chairs have never really moved me..i prefer the swan to the egg. BUT i would not kick out the caramel leather ones.
    what i really want though are those sconces in the first pic…i have coveted those for a coons age.

  7. Julie says:

    hands down caramel

  8. I love metallic leather on upholstery. Love the gold canopy chairs that I saw at Vegas Mart in August. Have you say in these chairs? They’re really uncomfortable every time I’ve tried them, though they look totally awesome.