Weekend Project: Studded Walls…

Is anyone brave enough to tackle a DIY like this? Studding your walls… or doors… could be PHENOMENALLY beautiful. You could hammer them in, or use a hotfixer…available HERE.

Room by Jeffrey Bilhuber.

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  1. Ask your grandmother what she thinks of nailheads on furniture. I friend of mine in the seventies told me it was NOT DONE. But then, she had CARVED oriental carpets.

  2. never! some jobs are clearly for a professional. i’d get a row halfway done, and there it would sit, unfinished until someone qualified was brought in to fix things.

  3. Perhaps if it turned out like this…..certainly one of the ultimate DYI projects but I am with maison 21….leave it to a professional…

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    I know I would be scared to try it- but the DIY’s that people manage to pull off never fail to amaze me! Like the trellis stenciled wall that hello Gorgeous did last year or that gigantic light fixture that jen Ramos made- not things I think I would ever be able to finish- but someone else could and would!

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Ann- I’m going to ask her! I’ll let you know what she says….. I don’t recall seeing nailheads in her house but I’m not sure!

  6. I am totally going to try this on my front hall closet doors! My question is: do you think the Antique Gold or the Gold color? Is the Gold too bright? Would love input. And will send pics….If it doesn’t look completely hideous.