The Mansfield Hotel.

I was watching The Millionaire Matchmaker and the Cinderella Millionairess was staying at The Mansfield Hotel, a chic boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan… She and Patty had a little meet and greet in this room:

I thought it was beautiful… so I just had to post it.

Pretty sure that is Oly’s Sienna chair hanging out there… LOVE that chair.

So hating the pillows on that bed, but how sophisticated is that gray headboard in that built in with the lamps on top? Reminds me of my bed/lighting situation… I also really really hate TV’s that pop out of cabinets at the foot of the bed. Just admit it, you watch TV. Its nothing to be embarrassed about.

That banister is amazing. And that bath… HEAVEN. Flat screen dead center!

The Mansfield Hotel
12 West 44th Street (Between 5th and 6th Avenues)
New York, New York 10036
Phone: 212.277.8700

(PS why are all hotel images so SMALL and crappy? And the fish eye lens is not gonna make your place look bigger – just deformed!)

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  1. oh what a lovely place! just what i’m looking for before my NY trip! let’s see the price list then…

  2. sylvia sultan says:

    I stayed there after my wedding!! its all a blur now but I think we liked it!

  3. Julie says:

    in regard to having a tv that pops up at the foot of the bed: sometimes people don’t have any other option as to where to put it. my parents have a wall of windows directly opposite their bed, so putting the tv in a popup stand at the foot of the bed was their only choice. and that piece was a BLOODY fortune, btw. came from a place in california. also, the bedroom is my favorite place to watch tv, but when it’s not in use i don’t want to see it–it’s ugly. just a big boring 32 inch black rectangle :-)

    i adore your blog and check in daily.
    from your biggest fan in philly,

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I know its sometimes necessary. Thats ok. I just dont like it when there are other options.


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