Kyle’s reel-a-tor husband lists her house.

Why do so many housewives list their houses after they go on this show? This time it’s Kyle. Its listed for around $2.5 Million and YOU KNOW that Jill Zarin is thinking “Everyone is talking about how rich these Beverly Hills housewives are, but I AM THAT RICH TOO! My NYC apt is worth 3 million! I’m a rich housewife! I am, I am!”

Thoughts on the decor everyone? Not the worst of the bunch I say. A little bit too Bali-chic but its ok. The Real Estalker post commented on how many types of floorings are going on in this house and how distracting it is. I TOTALLY agree… I prefer one floor throughout an entire space. And PS how bad does that wall-to-wall carpeting look? In one room you can see how badly someone vacuumed and in the other you see tons of footprints. Anyway, the house would look 10x better if it just had that wood flooring throughout.


Photos via Real Estalker, and thanks to Jennifer for the tip!

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  1. not the worst. but that’s not saying much.

  2. claudy says:

    that statue is throwing me off a bit. i think they think that now that theyre “celebrities” theyll get more for the houses

  3. renee says:

    was thinking same thing about the carpet! hate the plants in her bedroom, and whats the wallpapper in the girls room cant tell if its cool or cheese

  4. Jennifer says:

    That idol is seriously stupid and fug. And none of that furniture looks comfortable at all. That being said, it’s not nearly offensive to my eyes as the other RH abodes.

  5. i haven’t seen the blog’s new interface until just now, it looks great! v clean and simple

  6. Totally “done” and soulless. I especially liked the vacuum cleaner marks on the carpets.

  7. Maur says:

    This house looks cold and uncomfortable. One of those houses you can’t wait to get out of.