Jamie Herzlinger Design…

This week Erica of Design Blahg and I have a party and dinner date with the woman behind these designs:

(Dont these chairs look like my grandma’s? Shows how awesome grammy is. Or is it how awesome Jamie is?)

This campaign desk, and the two campaign style bathrooms below freakin SLAY me.

Especially love that bevelled mirror… and the black and white floors…

Balloon Shades in a bathroom. Wow.

Look at that molding… what is that? Studs? Look at the molding around the door, there is mirror in the door way… attention to detail people!  Graphic rugs and clean lines…

Mixed patterns that still look simple.

The feminine and masculine in harmony.
The sexiest black door I’ve ever seen.

Even she is even remotely as fabulous as these rooms, Im sure we will have an amazing time!

See the rest of her portfolio HERE. And look for pictures of her too… cause she is in some of the shots and she’s a stunner!

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  1. these rooms are gorgeous. all so glam and such incredible attention to the little details. thanks for sharing!

  2. i am in love with these designs. each one was flawless and beautiful. thanks for sharing and have fun!

  3. Hannah says:

    love everyhting on this page

  4. Vivian N says:

    wow this is sick

  5. pretty amazing! How did you guys score this? I have to say one thing though, I HATE balloon shades. Hate.


    Rebecca June

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Lol… Jamie somehow has the bizarre impression that I am cool and wants to hang out with me! Hahahahaha!

  6. Ilana says:

    These rooms are incredible

  7. Nicole! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing coverage!! Wow! I am so flattered to be amongst the great interiors you cover!

    Look forward to the party! It’s always exciting to be at the launch of the next hot furniture icon!

  8. claudy says:

    my favorite house uve posted so far

  9. I don’t know if I am more jealous of YOU cause you get to meet Jamie OR Jamie, cause she gets to meet YOU…grrrr…anyway you slice it, it comes up jealous! ;)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Hahahaha! So call me when you come into town!

      And I dont want to burst anyone’s bubble, but Im a complete nerd!

  10. Jennifer says:

    These interiors are the bomb!

  11. Laura says:

    these are the prettiest rooms i have ever seen. i normally hate balloon shades, but she makes it work in the bathroom. this is exactly how i would want my house to look….a girl can dream………..

  12. Nicole Cohen says:

    You guys can hire Jamie when you need a designer. She works in NYC part time!

  13. grace says:

    i will be hiring her for my next project!!!
    love her style!

  14. campaign cabinetry… genius! I love any additions that make built-in cabinetry feel more like furniture. Thanks for the intro… saving these for inspiration.

  15. Ann says:

    You are so your Grandmother’s child! All these rooms make me very uncomfortable. Isn’t that strange. I guess I am showing my age, and my English country style bias. You and the Zhush would get along really well. You should go shopping together.


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