Ikea Lack Hack With Marbled Paper…

Sometimes I actually do projects that turn out pretty cool… and I have been meaning to tackle this one for a while. I always intended to spruce this baby up, I  just wasn’t sure what I was going to do with Cookie’s ikea lack table…. I was toying with wallpapering it, painting it, decoupaging it with newspapers or her artwork… Then I remembered that I had these marbled papers in the closet for the past two years!

Ikea Lack Table $7.99 +

Paper Mojo Marbled Paper $9.99

(This is not the exact paper I used, because I bought mine 2 years ago. I think mine was only $3 or $4 a sheet… you need 2 sheets to cover 1 Ikea table. You can also make your own! *UPDATE: Thanks to a comment left by Megan who works for Paper Mojo, I learned that the “Riptide” paper I used is discontinued, but still available in clearance. It was $2.50 a sheet, now its $1.25. Buy it HERE.)


Last night….  I used Modge Podge and Spra-ment to adhere the paper to the table, but I recommend just using the Modge Podge and being VERY generous with it. Cover both sides of the paper because the Modge hardens up. I am still going to cover this thing with many coats of a clear lacquer to ensure that it doesnt rip or tear or whatever… use a knife or ruler to smear out the bubbles..

And viola!

Here it is in Cookie’s ever improving bedroom…. That painting sitting on top is one of the first I ever made in an art class as a 9 year old. My grandma kept it all these years and gave it back to me for Cookie’s room a few months ago! Gotta love Grandma! 

And if you are in NYC today, you know its the most god-awful day to take a picture because its pouring rain. So I had to keep the lights on… thats why the pictures look slightly off.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. holy cow I love this! Trying to think right now of what wallpaper scraps I have…
    How long did this take you?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Not so long… I let Cookie help so that didnt help matters… I would say you could do it in under 2 hours, easily.

  2. love this! Chanoch has the same table and I’ve been dying to do something with it. Did you poly/seal it all?

  3. love the table, nicole!
    (and your cute painting.)

  4. looks great. I have a west elm parsons desk I want to cover in fabric or something.

    love that 9-year-old art. so wonderful. yay grandmother! I throw all sorts of stuff away. here’s to keeping some of the good stuff….

  5. That looks awesome! It’s perfect for Cookie’s room and I’m so loving that you have one of your “original” art pieces in there–so cool!

  6. cuteness.

  7. MMish says:

    so adorable!!!

  8. grace says:

    looks awesome

  9. Jennifer says:

    Look at her little ghost chairs! Nice job on the table!

  10. Ilana says:

    Cookie is a lucky girl

  11. You are so cool!
    My Joe said if you make a bigger one you can give it to him…thats a big compliment from a 9 year old!

  12. Hannah says:

    i have that painting …art with marcy! love your table..you got me ispired to make one for babys room!

  13. Get out Nicole, looks amazing. I have 2 of these great cheapie tables… can I send them all the way to NY for you to convert like this?? Ha, ha!!
    Another inspiring job, beautiful xx

  14. esther says:

    i have that painting in my moms basement in bk….

  15. Cuteness…and that small ghost chair…well….no words :)

  16. looks so great! the paper is amazing.

  17. Looks fabulous!!! I may have to make one myself. The aqua riptide marble was one of my favorite, sucks that we lost the supplier :( There are still of bunch of riptide marbles on clearance though.

  18. This looks AMAZING Nicole. I love it. And I love that we both used the term ‘lack hack’ :)

    You’re right that the table is not super sturdy, but you know, it’s $8. If you put washers in between the legs and the table top, the whole thing will feel a little sturdier.


    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Too late for washers between the legs… I wish I knew that earlier! Its already glued together!

      And thanks!!

  19. babs says:

    I think this is the most elegant Ikea hack I’ve ever seen.

    As a newbie (or maybe a wannabe) to the world of DIY, may I ask: What kind of lacquer/poly can you use on top of paper? Do you spray it on? Paint it on? Any brand suggestion(s)? And did you modge just the underside first, apply the paper, and then do the top side? I have some lovely washi that has sentimental value and this would be perfect for it.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Hey! Thank you… Hmmm… I used spra-ment and modge podge first, I think I covered it completely with modge, both sides of the paper. And THEN I used a poly… I don’t remember the brand it was last year… Hmmm, I would suggest experimenting with your different glues on something less valuable first.


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