Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design or a quick way to get art.

Yesterday, I was strolling through the Barney’s home floor – a place I just like to go to hang out- and I found and bought this book. It’s Allegra Hicks’s An Eye for Design. (Which was really stupid because it was $15 dollars cheaper on Amazon.)

The book is GORGEOUS.

Allegra’s gorgeous textiles, drawings and photographs are mixed with pictures of her interiors.

The pages were so pretty that I cut out some pages and framed them. I know its semi pathetic that a painter would destroy a book to get her hands on some art… but its actually a really quick and easy way to get a gorgeous piece into your home. (I cant JUST hang my own stuff… it looks lame!)

These are the photos I chose:

Speaking of my work- I got some etsy hate mail this weekend… Someone wrote: ” You have to be kidding with these paintings, looks like my 6 year old made them. LMAO.”

To that I say two things:

1. Buddy has never been to the MoMA.

2. My 2 year old is a better painter than I am.


Also, instead of just moving on and clicking off the page, this person just HAD to write something mean.

Boo on you.

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  1. Mean people suck.
    Thanks for showing us the inside of that book.
    And I’ll say it again, I’m jealous you get to hang out at Barney’s.
    One more thing: I believe we’ll be seeing a spectacular orange and (good) purple painting very soon, no?

  2. The book is now being ordered. Thanks for the heads up on it. As far as your work…they obviously have no freaking idea what they are talking about. Plus, they obviously have no life if they take the time just to send hate mail. Sad. Don’t let them bother you…there will always be crappy people. The key is to not be one of them.

  3. It’s amazing how some people will go out of their way to be rude. Like they have nothing better to do? I’d like to see her art is she thinks it’s so easy! Love this book and I love ordering books on amazon. I got the app so I could check their prices before I buy things from somewhere else!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Im gonna do that… it just doesnt pay not to! I put a ton of books in my Amazon cart so my hub can just buy them for me when he wants to get me something. Or more likely, so I can just buy them for myself once in a while!

  4. i have that book too! love it. it’s so well done. it’s like a beautiful blog post.
    not going to frame them though…yours are cute though.

    as for the haters…fuck em. art is subjective and while some might think it is juvenile others might think it a masterpiece.


  5. Mean people suck.

  6. i’ve been reading your blog for the past few months,and i think you are truly talented.your abstract works are clearly an expression of you,and how dare somebody say anything negative.they clearly dont know anything about fine art.this is written by a fellow s.y.(i think?)

  7. Who the eff leaves hate mail on Etsy?! So lame! Obviously the idiot doesn’t have any taste whatsoever. Your art is incredible! And I like the idea of framing the pictures. There’s no reason to leave pretty things hidden in a book if you like them.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes… its not so much that they didnt like my stuff… thats fine. To each their own, but to take the time to tell me so… MEAN!

      Still didnt decide where I am hanging them, but they are cool looking and inspiring to me.

  8. Ignore the bored asswipe. Also, I do this with my books and magazine photos all the time!

  9. Sally says:

    Allegra dishes on decorating homes in her style in Gotham Magazine. Check it out now: