Virtual Staging: Yea or Nay?

A few weeks ago, the lovely Julia from Hooked on Houses wrote about a new tool that Real Estate agents have been employing to help them sell apartments: Photoshop. Real Estate Agents are adding in furniture or “virtually staging” apartments to help buyers see past an empty room.

Today this topic made the NY Times.

Initially, I balked at the idea… I found the doctored photos to be completely distracting…

Looking at these two photos… Especially the kitchen with the doctored in lemonade, I started to wonder what else was fake in the photo…. All of the upper cabinets look slightly off to me. The whole idea just seemed really silly to me.

I actually prefer to look at an empty room rather than a photoshopped one….. BUT, as anyone who has ever watched House Hunters or any real estate show on HGTV knows, people have no vision.  If you are reading this blog, chances are you already know that a paint color is not a non-negotiable when you are BUYING A HOUSE! Neither is the color of the carpets… But almost all of the people hunting for apartments or houses mention these things “I dont know Tom… I really hated the color of that bedroom. I think I like house number 2 that was 1,000 sq ft smaller but painted blue better!”

What do you think? Most people have absolutely no vision so real estate agents are trying to give them some. Good idea or ridiculous?

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  1. The only thing I like in those photos is the lucite coffee table in the last shot!

  2. Well to start with, if I were going to virtual stage I wouldn’t chose such ugly pieces considering they’re FREE and EFFORTLESS!!! But you’re quite right about the lack of vision – why do people expect to move into a house with it already completely tailored to their taste (or lack thereof)? It’s a beige, biege, biege, biege world.

  3. ICK… don’t like it. Just looks weird.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Nicole. I hadn’t seen that article in the NYT. Interesting! I can see the reasoning behind this type of staging, but I find it too distracting. Like you said, I end up focusing on what is and isn’t real in the photos.

  5. I’m not fond of it…I actually find the perspective off a little…very distracting for me

  6. I agree, don’t like and would prefer to see an empty space if they can’t dress it in reality.

  7. I always think this is ridiculous! I would rather see any empty place so I can dream of what I could do with it! I hate it when people talk about paint colors when house hunting, get a can of paint and get over it! Do they really expect to like every single thing in a house?