Victoria’s Secret Makes Halloween Costumes: FINALLY!

Ever notice how Halloween is just an excuse for chicks to dress up like sluts?

There is the slutty nurse, slutty doctor, slutty witch… pretty much attach “slutty” to any occupation with a uniform at its an instant Halloween costume! Well Victoria Secret finally figured out that this could be a good niche for them. They are calling it their “Sexy Little Things” Collection and its supposed to be about indulging your nocturnal fantasies.

Who else is betting you see at LEAST one Slutty Cat at your local Halloween Party?

Sexy Little Fantasies… HERE.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Do they come with a case of crabs? Because I want my money’s worth.

  2. @jennifer No, but I hear that there are a few locations in NYC that will let you take some bed bugs home.

    (I love Halloween, but I don’t think I’d wear these in public.)

  3. oh my gosh, awfulness.