Um, Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s butt lately?

Kim K. W Magazine. Naked. The cover.

And I have a cell phone pic emailed to me from a friend and W subscriber.

I cant even post it on the home page its so crazy. So click continue to see it. Until someone makes me take it down.

I dont know about you, but I’m effing speechless.

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  1. If you recall, she was originally concerned about doing Playboy. It looks like she as gotten over that.


    Rebecca June

  2. Emily says:

    I thought I knew, but I had no idea.

  3. there is no way her butt actually looks like that. and her nipple? sorry, but this is just weird.

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    I really dont know what to say or think about this. Im seriously speechless.

  5. oh god…photo shop??? Pleaase?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I actually am starting to think so. It looks like it was taken in a fish eye lens or something.

  6. Kimberly says:

    I would kill myself…I workout daily to NOT have a butt like that.

  7. No cellulite, though, so that’s…something.

  8. Wow I must say I am shocked too…not so much that she is butt naked, but rather than her butt is actually that big…I mean good for her that she rocks it, but whoa!

  9. Esty Harari says:

    this is totaly fake-impossible!!!!!

  10. Her head is smaller than even just one butt cheek! I’m thinking photoshop too, has to be.

  11. I would be mortified if I were her. I mean, she’s gorgeous and all, but even if you are rockin’ your own big booty, that’s … well, … I’m just speechless. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME IT’S PHOTOSHOPPED.

  12. Nicole Cohen says:

    The more I look at it, the more I think its fake. The bottom half of her body looks like its a 300 pound woman and the top half looks like shes a size 2. Same with the front view and the back view.

    If that is real- what jeans size does she wear? Her waist is so tiny but her butt is SO BIG. How does she fit into normal clothes?

  13. Hannah says:

    no words

  14. There is a youtube video of her trying on size 27 jeans to prove to everyone that she is that size…that is my size and I am still not sure how that is possible, because I have no butt.

  15. Marielle says:

    UMMMMMMMMMMMM wtf is she thinking. this is INSANE. even though the world has seen her naked already. still. you’d think she would learn her lesson…guess not

  16. Marielle says:

    and one of the butt cheeks looks lumpy

  17. i think it looks FANTASTIC!!!! shit!!

  18. stephanie says:

    i dont think thats even possible. she wouldn’t be able to stand if that was real!

  19. Laura says:

    the pic had to have been distorted, it looks ridiculous. Why would anyone try to look like that anyways?

  20. Take this from a (Brasilian) guy that loves big butts, listens in on locker room talk and paid attention in school. Men love big butts! Yes, there are a minor few that want to have a small butt chick all their lives but the majority, no matter what race – wants a big butt. Men want to be seen on a date with a ultra skinny chick that can rock awesome clothes but as a long term relationship chick and even wife, we want the chick with the A$$. Finally, by default (nature) men are attracted to butts because they trigger the “she is child bearing ready” switch in us. Do the research. I even heae my wifes gay (guy) friends talking about other womens big butts and loving them (yeah I’m confused too). Hope this answers your question Laura. I approve this message.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      E- since you seem to be in the know: Do you think that butt is really her butt? Ive never seen such a big butt on such a small person. She is only around 5-2 and is tiny on top! Do you think its real or photoshopped?

  21. Nicole, it’s real! It looks a bit more distorted because the pic which was taken with what seems like a cell phone, is at an angle. I have radar for butts ..ha.. and I have seen 5 footers with butts that make Kims look medium -especially amonst African American and Latina women. You go to Brasil, Peurto Rico, Cuba etc. and you see girls 13 and 15 years old walking around with butts like hers. Just turn on a spanish/Latin t.v station i.e Univision, and you will see what I am talking about.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I see people with big butts all the time, they are just usually attached to fat bodies!

      Yea my friend snapped that with a cell phone so that could be adding to the distortion thing.

      What about rumors that she had butt implants? You think?

  22. No butt implant .. all natural. It’s not one one of the best butts I have seen. She is plenty overrated according to locker room talk. Check this girl out in Rio, Brasil (land of the solid big butts) . Remember, men love butts .. even the white