Ombre in Decor…

I’ve been loving ombre lately…  Givenchy Haute Couture. This one isnt in decor. But still. Couldnt resist.

Vintage Ombre Glasses via High Street Market.

Rainbow Ombre Nursery in Joy Thigpen’s Home via Design Sponge.

Hand Dyed Silk Ombre Ribbon available at M&J Trimming.

Ombre Drapery via Coco + Kelly.

Im newly obsessed with this Ombre Wallpaper by Brett Design Wallpaper. I might use it in the MIL’s bedroom.

It comes in a million colors, some of which I think would be PERFECT for a nursery.I think I mentioned last time that its also peel and stick.

Ombre pillows, CappellaKid on Etsy. $34

What do you think? To ombre or not to ombre?

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  1. I love ombre. It will always be in style for me. I did a line of Ombre Pillows to demonstrate my love –

  2. i love ombre. and i LOVE those pillows. and the wallpaper.

  3. Def to ombre. The wallpaper is amazing!

  4. I hope ombre never goes out of style! I love it.

  5. Love this post… I love those silver ombre glass are they for sale anywhere? And I love those pillows should I get the 1st one in the last row for my apt?

  6. or the 1st one in the 1st row?

  7. She also has a stunning Ikat in magenta yellow and grape

  8. Nicole Cohen says:

    The glasses were for sale but they sold. I like the 1st pillow 1st row.

  9. Laura says:

    I love that ombre wall paper…. think i might put it in my extra bedroom that i have been neglecting

  10. I love the wallpaper, but not so crazy for the pillows….

  11. so cool. love the wallpapers…is it super expensive?


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