NY Magazine: The Home Design Issue

Have you seen NY Magazine this week? Its all about home design, and its the family issue…. Featuring some interesting NY families and how they live. Some of my favorites from the collection:

The two little girls who live with their two daddies on the Upper East Side…. (Call me crazy, but have we ever seen these people before? I could be confused, but I feel like we have!) 

A mother and daughter who live at the YMCA: 

The home of Gloria Vanderbilt: 

And a father, daughter and pig trio that live here:

Definitely worth clicking over… Read more HERE.

Also, I want to put this out there. I just got Elle Decor this month, and I actually think Lonny was better. It wasnt bad, I just think Lonny put out an exceptional issue.


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  1. i hated this month’s elle decor and may not renew. i’m not the target audience. gravy boats???? look at the last pg. wtf am i going to do at 29 with a gravy boat?

  2. Really interesting featured homes!! Love the convergance of style, color palettes, design.

    Art by Karena

  3. gloria vanderbilt has done ‘over the top’ to *perfection*!!
    for some reason, i love it all!
    (and i seriously love the peacock screen!!)

    such fortunate little girls growing up in that home – their two dads have some serious style!

  4. I’m sure we saw the two dads, too! But where???
    Which Elle Decor? November? Cause I think the October issue was brilliant. Hope it’s not the new editor syndrome…

  5. I’m obsessed with those GV decorative fish…and as cool as that floor looks in the last image, I think if I lived with it everyday it would give me a migraine….I haven’t gotten either issue yet?! I think my mailmen is delivering them to my neighbor again…beyond frustrating!

  6. Emily says:

    Is your grandma friends with GV? Because they could be design buddies!

  7. mesmerized by that fireplace and the red and blue fancy pants picture…

    haven’t seen the new ED but i heard the new HB sucks ding dong.