Jeff Lewis Design… I aint flipping out.

After Nate Day there was a lot of discussion about what kind of shows we want to see on TV about interior design. There were #designtv hashtags, luncheons, blogposts etc… Well, I was watching Flipping Out last night and I decided to take the time to actually look at Jeff Lewis’s portfolio.

After the House Beautiful kitchen and watching his show for a few seasons, I knew our styles didnt particularly jive, but I wasnt expecting this.

Ugly and terrible styling. Barf. Whats with all the little things every where.

Count how many times Jeff uses the dining chairs. Also ugly- everything on the table, and that chandelier. Look at the paint. BAD.

Not bad. But looks like its missing something – a lot of things.

I love white shaker doors and subway tile, but Jeff managed to screw this up with that yellow crap and also not taking the subway tile up the wall. Also dont like that tiny lamp (WTF) by the fridge and the scrolled shelf brackets. BAD.

Those dumb bungalows he was doing for Cole. I dont know why it took 100 paint samples and 3 rounds of floor samples to come up with something so generic looking. And I love a good potted plant, but Jeff picks the cheesiest plants that look fake.

I almost like this. Again the styling sucks. So does the microwave on the counter top.

The same dining chairs and TABLE! HUH? Talk about a formula. Also the ugliest feature wall I have ever seen. Why oh why Jeff. Its so bad. I like venetian plaster, but those little indents are terrible.

OK. This isnt bad. Its decent.

Boring. What is that painting on the wall?

This room almost looks fake. It looks like a cheap hotel. Hotel art over hotel bedding.

I dont know… whatever already with the beige and greige….

More of that dumb chair. This looks pathetic if you ask me.

ALMOST!  But WHY is that counter sticking out near the fridge? WHY is your fridge sticking out like that? I that your clients might not have wanted to bounce for the counter depth fridge, but Jeff… this looks like a big room- put it somewhere else!  Also, those shells. GAG.

AGAIN with the same dining chairs.

Ummm…. Am I crazy or is this what apartments and houses look like when the owners do it themselves from Crate & Barrel and Room & Board? Even worse maybe. They look like staged rooms for real estate listings. Which is what he originally was trying to do- flip houses. But this isnt design as I know it.

I mean I guess he can give clients  the clean modern look that they are looking for, but do you think they just hire him because a.he is on TV, b. they might get on TV?

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  1. I totally agree with you, his houses look kind of ok on the TV but when you have at look at photo’s of them – yeah no!! Maybe a nice finish on places for those who really don’t have a clue on how to decorate!!!

  2. Bor-ing. I don’t get the appeal at all. I guess he can do an okay kitchen, but otherwise, I wouldn’t let him come near my house.

  3. Why are they all so bland? And so much, how to describe it, hardness…As is, why does he scrimp on window treatments and throw pillows. Is it just me or does he have some issues with the scale of things?

  4. I’m cracking up at the same boring, generic-looking dining chairs popping up again and again. I like Jeff Lewis (his show, anyway), but I have to agree with your assessment of these rooms. There’s not a lot of life or excitement to any of them.

  5. Totally looks like a real estate listing. No imagination or creativity. Heck, not even a drop of personality.

  6. What’s with the weirdly staged plants? And the TV in pic 11 that appears to be falling off the wall? These rooms look so… dated!

  7. I love his show and I swear I thought I loved his spaces on tv but you are right they are actually awful. That dining room with the cutouts is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. And kitchens are ok but don’t seem functional. Why would you design a custom kitchen and leave the microwave on the counter?!?

  8. He’s never promoted himself as an interior designer/decorator. He renovates homes either to flip or for clients. They look like staged real estate listings because that’s likely what many are or they moved in particular pieces to get the clean modern look that he is known for. With the exception of that dumb counter sticking out, many of these homes look like they have beautiful floors, foundations, bones, etc which is what he does. If you hire someone to renovate your home are you expecting the contractors or project managers to also decorate it for you? Doubtful.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I do know what you are saying, and I agree that he does put down nice flooring and some nice finishes. However, I would rather see the rooms bare than the way they are styled/decorated in these photos… And he must be picking out that stuff or it wouldnt be so similar in every photo. I thought he was trying to move into the interior design field.

      I think Jeff should actually take on an interior designer/decorator, (maybe Trace?) to help the clients pick out the furniture as well. I have seen him helping clients with that on TV.

      So in general, I know what you are saying, but I still dont like the pictures and I cant believe he put his name to them.

  9. I totally get that and agree that his spaces could benefit from a true ID coming in and making them feel more personal. Did you watch the first couple of seasons? Do you remember when he worked with Ryan Brown of Brown Design? I think the overall look and feel of his spaces have suffered since they parted ways.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes! And I totally agree… I think Ryan was a big help in that respect! As to if he was actually stealing clients from Jeff… I dont know!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I just looked at Ryan’s site. The decor is HUGELY improved! It has the same general feel as Jeff’s aesthetic – a lot of brown and beige, but its much more personal, pulled together and styled. The rooms look finished.

      Check it out here:

  10. Marielle says:

    Combination of A and B. I don’t watch this show, and these pictures are just positive reinforcement of that. Boring, random, and really does look like it was staged for real estate. Nic does it again, everyone! LOL

  11. I really like that painting over the couch on the last photo. Spooky.

    Those chairs have always been hideous! Even if he used them once, there is no excuse.

    That said – I think the houses on the show look pretty good and he actually lives in it so I have to give him some credit.

  12. I don’t get him. I think his show is entertaining but I’ve been really turned off by him this season in the way he treats his personal assistant, Jenni. I get being entertaining for TV, but sometimes his barbs have been a little too borderline abusive. I can’t imagine why anyone would stick around to be treated like that by an employer, even if it’s just for show.

    But I agree with your assessment here — not impressive. Seems like he used to be doing more interesting things. And those dining room chairs are hideous.

  13. Ryan is definitely the stronger of the two when it comes to design. While I would love to have Jeff as a project manager (you know he doesn’t miss a damn thing!), I would not use him for his design aesthetic. Everyhting he designs is too cold,modern, generic, and plain for me.

  14. I think I hate this shit more than the new gap logo…

  15. it sucks a dick.
    jlew’s strong suit is NOT in decorating.

  16. Kathleen says:

    Wow, this is REALLY bad. WTF? Also, I love Jenni but she has got to be the only chick in L.A. with no style…she is on tv, she has gay male friends…surely somebody can give her some STYLE.
    And the show is boring this year.

  17. Robert Mottek says:

    Jeff, huge fan..watched the episode tonite.about your paint glaze thing .I’m a expert furniture finishes for35 years your approach good ni for a glaze .. grainingaffect its he base coat it needs to bee smooth and dry and glossy.if there is blending problems, you use eitherthe glaze or the base paint and spray mist and blend .you shoulduse. A matte. Or flat clear to protect so that can be a problem for use as for the home owner but you could have classes .which create more revenue.

  18. David B says:

    I think all your work look’s great maybe some people need to start getting eye glasse’s, keep doing what your doing.I don’t think people understand how hard your job is to create a work of art over and over again but you make it look so easy,you are the best in this line of work, Jenni you have a really good heart, Jeff is very lucky to have you on his side you alway’s give your 110% every episode.

  19. John G says:

    Watching a rerun now and he just unveiled this big redesign he has been working on for Lisa…her reaction was priceless. She referred to her living room as looking “very upscale,” as in an upscale hotel lobby! He’s a no talent hack. I’m all against bullying but Jeff Lewis may have benefited from a few noogies during his formative years. Does anyone know if Jeff was home schooled?

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