Join My Painting Giveaway at The Zhush

Yup, you heard right! A few have you been asking me/telling me that I should do a giveaway, and I decided that  I would thank you all for listening to me babble on and on for the past year and a half by giving away a choice of a painting! But of course, Im not supposed to host this on my own blog, am I? So I asked my friend Sue of The Zhush, a fantastic and beautiful blog to host it for me! (She seems to know what she is doing in the giveaway department, while I dont have a clue.) And she said yes… So here is the deal, you visit my Etsy Shop, you go to her blog, you comment. You potentially win a painting. Choice of 7 different options…  And every time you tweet or blog about it you get an extra entry.

Get a free painting…. CLICK.

Now, please dont embarrass me by not entering. Seriously. Maybe none of you want the paintings you say you want… I dont know. But really, go enter anyway!

AND most of all, thank you for reading my blog, liking my art, and validating my existence with your comments. Blogging sucks when people dont comment.

Have a great day!

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  1. hi! LOVE them all but my Fav is “Abstract Painting” I am such a huge fan of your wok and blog :)


  2. are you kidding……when I saw your title today I was SO EXCITED….

    going over now and thanks, Nicole, for the chance…


  3. Hell, yes.
    I want the pink one!!!!!!!

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    Whew – for a second there I thought no one was going to care!!! Thanks SO much guys!

  5. Robin Carroll says:

    I LOVE Nicole’s paintings so much, that I sent her Etsy shop link to my husband with a note saying “I’ll take ANY of them for Christmas this year!” Hard to pick a favorite, but I love the Large Blue & White Abstract and the Black & White dot paitings.

  6. I’m super excited about this giveaway!

  7. I LOVE the Rainbow Abstract!

  8. Thrilled to discover your work via The Zhush. I would love to feature it on my own blog sometime–let’s talk!

    Comment love is the best … off to spread some more at Sue’s site … and put my name in for one of your fab paintings.

  9. LOVE this!! Best giveaway EVER!! I’m in LUST with your Neon green and black piece. I would talk to it every morning and give it tons of love I swear! Going to blog about it too!

  10. I am heading over to Sue’s right now!! Thank you!!!!!

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site….Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  11. Nicole,
    I love your taste. I have been following your work and actually look forward to your blogs.
    Your work is really my style, or at least what I would want to have. You said it in one of your blogs, traditional room, modern art. Modern room, traditional art. LOVE.
    Keep it up!! :)


  12. Jennifer says:

    That’s a very generous giveaway and I’m glad I found you in time to enter. Rock on, girl!

  13. Stopping by from Sue’s to tell you that i love your work! I’m an avid lover of art and i appreciate your vivid and filled with colour pieces!

  14. Your paintings are amazing!! So are the lucite boxes!! I am off to enter this fabulous contest!!

  15. Caron says:

    I love them all also!!! My favorite is the abstract water color, it is screaming to hang over my sofa in Living Room!!! Also, love the hot pink original abstract painting!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog Nicole!!! Read it everyday!

  16. SO thrilled to stumble upon your blog today. Giveaway aside, I’m a junkie for great art and sister, you’ve got it in spades. I’m also DYING for your apartment…the lights in the kitchen have me drooling!!

  17. *crossing fingers for the hot pink abstract painting* Possibly my favorite color ever. Also, your blog continues to delight. =)

  18. odna says:

    Hot pink abstract painting . love your blog :)

  19. Marielle says:

    me too shasta

  20. Danielle says:

    I love your paintings – I am going to have my fingers crossed.
    – Danielle

  21. Did I post a comment already? I did on Zhush, and I’m doing it here too:
    I want ANY of them!! I can use each one in a different way, so I would be happy with whatever you want to give. Please??