“You Dirty Little Hamster!”

Everyone once in a while, TV delivers a line that just plays on repeat in my head forever. It’s so good that it becomes part of pop culture and will be repeated from now until forever. (Well, maybe for a week or two.)

I believe that The Situation has given us such a gem this week.

First lets talk about what a remarkably disgusting human being Angelina, aka The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, aka Trash Bags, aka The Staten Island Dump, is. {Yes, we are also horrified Angelina.}

The girl is horrific. She lies. She plays every side possible. She starts trouble. She has sex with people she hates. She has had sex with 3 of the 4 men she is living with. She is lazy. She is a user. And now to top it all off, she may be the filthiest human on earth. Why? Cause she left a used pad on the bathroom floor. In a house full of men. HOW SICKENING IS THAT? I wouldnt even leave a pad on the floor of my own house, and I dont live with 4 strange men on goddamn TV! She must have screws loose. I wouldn’t leave a pad unwrapped in the garbage! Holy smokes she is revolting.

{What do you do when your roommate leaves her pad on the floor? You put it on her pillow of course!}

Also revolting… She lied that she had sex with Jose (the Fossil watch giver), the day after she had sex with Vinnie, BECAUSE SHE THINKS THIS WILL MAKE HER LOOK BETTER. Her defense when people call her a whore? “I’m a single girl, what am I supposed to do?” As if, because she is a single girl, she has no choice but to be a ho. {That was our reaction too! HUH!?! }

I cant even remember the rest of the episode… who cares.

The Jersey Shore could be the best show ever made.

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  1. Marielle says:

    shes so fake.

  2. blood borne pathogens….that’s a health concern. she’s a wack job.

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    She makes snooki look classy.

  4. i can’t decideif it’s the best show ever, or the worst show ever. either way, it’s compelling television.

  5. Oh, shizz, I can’t believe I missed this ep! I think Angelina is a sociopath.

  6. I agree I think it’s the worst show but I CANNOT stop watching! So glad you watch it Nicole, my friends don’t watch it and so I have no-one to reflect back on the ridiculous yet highly entertaining episodes :( But I have you, thank you.

    Angelina is a pig, that is beyond disgusting. Yeah she’s getting herself around, but I can’t believe all the guys in the house are “sharing” her… sick stuff.

    Snooki classy lol!!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I feel bad for you. Everyone I know is obsessed with it. Email me for further discussions.

  7. renee says:

    she looks like a man!!!!!

  8. This next episode coming up should be good since her and snooki finally get into it, I’m hoping snooks beats her ass she needs it.

  9. Marielle says:

    this show is so entertaining..its affecting my sleep, as in, im not getting any. im in the middle of season one, how on earth have i not been watching this all along!?! I LOVE THE SITUATION

  10. Eric Miller says:

    This show is like a train wreck!! You don’t want to be a part of it but you can’t look away. I don’t know what’s worse the show or the crazy money these guys make per episode!! God Bless America!

  11. I almost died when he called her a dirty hamster, best line ever!

  12. I’ve been saving reading this entry for awhile, mostly because I hadn’t been able to get over to park myself in front of my sisters DVR and catch up. I just had to come back and comment on that Dirty Hamster line… beyond fabulous, I think it’s my new favorite insult.

    P.S. I can totally admit to a Pauly D stalker moment, he was at a local restaurant shooting a pilot for his own tv show recently and me, my sister, and yes my mom all went for a drink and to watch the outrageousness. My Mom actually had to sign a release because she called herself a grenade on camera and they might use it. Let’s see if that show ever goes into production!

  13. holy shit for christ sake she did not leave her pads on the floor she even said that she put in the garbage and it fell out of the garbage and she did not sleep with 3 out of 4 of the guys she only slept with vinny so i dont know what the fuck you are talking about get your facts straight before you talk shit fucking cunt and she never started trouble she did not play both sides either she didnt even write the note she just told sammi that jenni and snooki wrote it