This room: Yes or no?

Elle Decor.

I say yes.

Also, HGTV luncheon… was good. Great way to start the festivities and meet people in a more contained environment.

Rue Magazine party was a who’s who of bloggers… Eddie & Jaithan, Nick OlsenEmily (SUPER COOL BTW…. NEW BEST FRIEND BUT SHE DOESNT KNOW YET!) of Design Star fame and glory, Design Blahg… You may not know who they are, but they are pseudo celebrities to me!

I’m so damn tired I cant even talk about it. Later. After Nate Day.

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  1. The shot of the opposite wall is even better IMHO…I loved that apt and have the pages all torn out.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      The room is fab. I love that that back wall is literally wallpapered with art!

  2. That is an art wall that does not play! Love it. Kind of reminds me of the walls of the Cafe Sebastienne in Kansas City.