The Wang Gang

Everyone and their MOTHER has an Alexander Wang bag these days. Check it out:

Ashley Tisdale and mystery woman. Mystery woman is sporting a Birkin.  I hope you arent paying her, Ashley.

Kristin Cavellari

La Lohan


Mystery model, Nikki Hilton, Steph Pratt, Kristin Cavellari, Kate Bosworth

Pink, I dont know, Lohan, Mandy Moore, Fergi, and X-tina again.

I just joined their ranks.

But now looking at what a motley c-list crew carries the damn bags, I’m thinking I should set my aspirational purchasing goals a little higher.

But I love it. Its just the right amount of boho/edgy.
Seriously, I have a problem with distressed brown leather. It gets me every time.

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  1. claudy says:

    so funny. i bought the other version of this bag (in black of course) and after this article im thinking i might return

  2. God I want that black studded Alexander Wang. But by the time I work up the nerve to buy it, it will be passe.

  3. I love your bag!!! Haven’t seen that one! I have the one with all the pockets and zippers, love it!

  4. I kid you not, I was in Barney CO-OP today visiting this purse. I am constantly shocked with how light it is. I dont care what losers have it…I want it.


    Rebecca June

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I was returning stuff when I spotted it! You know when you return and then buy -you feel like you are only “spending” the difference? Well I did one of those today.

  5. What a great style, nice purchase.

    ps I think that Birkin in pic one is a fake… for many reasons!


  6. i am currently rocking a silver target hobo bag…

    actually i am not rocking it…it’s ugly as balls. and it looks like it cost every penny of the 20 dollars it cost me.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      With your boobies I dont think anyone will be looking at your bag!

  7. Mmm… I really want the black studded one, but I cannot fathom spending $800 on a purse. Now I really want the one you bought. Thanks a heap…

  8. GLoria Sebion says:

    how do you send a bag back

    • GLoria Sebion says:

      I have a purse to return don’t care for color that it would be navy but more torquise and it,s to big. how do you returns things no receipt or any invoice.