My Lilac and Fuchsia Table Setting *updated.

Im having 10 people over for lunch tomorrow. You know I care so much more about what the table looks like than what the food tastes like, right?  I went to B&J Fabrics and bought this amazing lilac linen.

Then I hit M&J Trimming to pick out the perfect chromespun grosgrain to use as napkin rings.  Then the florist….

Obviously, it will look better tomorrow when the food is actually on it, but there is no way Im going to be able to take pictures tomorrow!

My all time favorite table setting is this one, but since we are having lunch, I thought I would go simpler and sweeter. Serving on all white platters….

I hope my guests like it!

*Just thought of using the tie-dye napkins I made this summer….

Maybe this is a little more fun? Or is the black chic-er? (Its night now, so excuse the lighting.)

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  1. stephanie says:

    love this table setting. so simple feminine and chic

  2. hannah says:

    pretty! but how did u have time to run around today been in my kitchen all day!

  3. i would iron the tablecloth.

  4. Ok, so like grammy like grand-daughter with the mirrored wall in the dining room! Nice!!

  5. well the tie die is more fun spirited and boho-chic….i say go with it!

  6. Jennifer says:


  7. tie dye looks so feminine and fun to me, that’s my vote.

  8. So fun and flirty!

  9. Can I come, lol!! Just to sit at that beautiful table. Looks really great and I’m loving the napkins, gives it that really great edge. Also the image in the mirror is so fab.

    Have a great lunch xx

  10. ohhh, love the tye die napkins. i vote for those.


  11. tie dye all the way.


    Rebecca June

  12. gloria says:

    maybe try putting one of ur ikat runners, but then ud ned to go simple w/ the napkins

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ha! I tried it, but I thought it looked too busy. I liked the tie dye better…

  13. Nicole D says:

    hey nic,

    love the purples! but also, please advise where i can get such a large dining room table- yours is great! is it expandable?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Its actually from Ikea! and it does expand. But after 2 years, its falling apart. Im looking for a new one. Its only $400 so I dont feel so bad that its breaking down.

  14. Which napkins did you use? I liked them both, but the tie-dyes better. Lilac looks so good with silver and mirrors- good choice!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I chose the tie dye! It was a conversation piece thats for sure!

  15. Marielle says:

    i voted for tie dye

  16. barbara says:

    I don’t understand bottles on the table! where you got the idea that this can make your table look good and elegant????
    I know it’s too late, maybe next lunch will be without any bottles……uuh