My best vintage score ever.

I was shopping around antique stores in Asbury, when I happened upon this book:

Totally judging the book by its amazing cover, I couldn’t believe how awesome it was.  Given as a gift Christmas, 1969.
Beautiful spine.  Back cover.  This book is going DEAD CENTER on my coffee table at home. I am in love with it and I have been looking at it nonstop throughout the past few days.

You can find one HERE, HERE or HERE.

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  1. What a score!! Looks awesome.

  2. GET OUT! It’s fabulous. I know it’s worth much more untouched, but have you been tempted to frame some of the pages….?

  3. are you kidding me?!
    total score. (love the back cover!!!)

  4. I. HATE. YOU.

  5. Holy shizzle! You scored majorly. My initial thought was the same as a perfect gray’s. The prints would look amazing framed, but it would be awful to take the book apart.

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    I thought about framing some of the pages too… I dunno. It would be a shame to ruin the book.

    Its so beautiful, the cover and the back cover are AMAZING!

  7. Had the same thought as a perfect gray and Paloma – but don’t touch it. What a lucky score!

  8. What a find – I love the thrill of the hunt for rare vintage books. Must have been such an exciting find!

  9. Hey Nicole…I bought this book too by the way..It’s so cool. :)))


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