Lucite + Ikat: Another vintage score.

I rescued this little stool from a local antique shop…  I decided to have it covered with a piece of ikat that I had laying around…

I used a local upholsterer because I was impatient.

He accidentally cut the fabric in the wrong spot and had to seam it…

He didn’t charge me and is willing to change it for free… BUT I have no more of that fabric.


Keep as is, redo, or sell?

Lord knows I do not need another scrap of lucite in my house, but I just couldn’t let it go.

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  1. re-do!

  2. re-do it. especially if you’re going to sell — it’s a great find!!

  3. It’s very cute! No one would notice if you didn’t say anything. If you are going to keep it, just enjoy it. If you are going to sell it for top dollar, re-do it. If you want to send to me, I would love it as is.
    xo xo

  4. Therese Long says:

    I can see why you had to rescue it… it’s great.
    I would re do it in something glam like white pleather or fur!

  5. Redo! It will drive you crazy every time you look at it as is. What a beautiful stool, I wish I could find pieces like that locally!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      The thing is, from far, I LOVE it. From up close I want to scream… If I do recover its def going to be with another ikat…

  6. Laura Bullock says:

    re-do. I love Therese’s idea!

  7. c dan says:

    Re-do. it looks like it’s giving me the finger!

  8. boops says:

    cute! but redo.

  9. Keep “As is” ….I think it is so chic and adorable even with its imperfections. I am sure it is annoying you, but that fabric is perfection, and its not like it is a brand new expensive piece of furniture. I suggest to LOVE as is :)


  10. Love it! It looks great, I say keep it and recover when you get sick of that fabric!

  11. Nicole Cohen says:

    Thanks shannon and linds… I might keep it like this for a while… at least until I find a new fabric.

  12. Darling of course you had to rescue it! Thats too bad about the fabric but I say you need to do a re-do! I’m sure you’ll find some other fantastic fabric!


  13. Oh, I had a question for you…how do you clean your lucite? I am so deathly afraid to scratch it with anything that I havent touched my little stool yet.