Grandma’s Winter Abode.

My grandmother’s house in NJ is one of my favorite places to be.

Not to be out-shined by her house in Brooklyn where she resides for the winter. She decorated this house in the 70s and pretty much hasnt changed much… except for the kitchen and bathrooms…

(Some of you met Grandma at Nate Day… )

Im going to start with my favorite room:

Gracie wallpaper on two walls, Mirrored squares on the other two. Silver leaf ceiling. Need I say more? I just love it.

Here you can see how she personaly hand painted the radiator to match the wallpaper… What can I say, people? Its in my blood.
She designed this wall leading into her den and had a local artist mosaic it by hand.

The den is a converted garage… She custom designed the wallpaper herself. Memories of sitting here on Saturday afternoons watching movies abound…

She turned antique screens into a media cabinet.

AND NOW, another one of my favorite rooms…. the living room.

The lime green cabinetry was the first piece of furniture she ever bought. All of the needlepoints in the house are by my great-grandmother that you can see in the picture hanging on the wall… the walls are silver grasscloth! Can you believe I was looking at grasscloth all of my life and I never knew what it was? My grandmother also had the rug custom made to her specifications. Parts of it are raised and shaggy and parts arent. The cabinets boast a gorgeous collection of glasses, plates, lalique and more… Collections that would make Eddie Ross jealous, I bet!

This is the first painting my grandmother ever did. She was in the 5th grade. 

The main seating area of the living room…. I love the bookmatched marble over the fireplace. Sorry for the strange lighting, it was a terribly cloudy day! Do you see a little baby in an oval frame? That’s me!

Of course, I bed my grandmother to get rid of the roses, but she likes them. Old habits die hard. Notice the chrome and glass coffee table and the lacquered quatrefoil end tables.  Notice the little garden stool by the pink damask chair. Proof that garden stools may be trendy, but they are always a classic! A view of the living room from the foyer… You can see the full pattern of the rug, which she based on the pattern on the sofas… Again, sorry about the lighting.

The master bedroom… she recently redid this room: as in about 15-20 years ago. She made it double height and her bed is on a raised platform in the center of the room.
Her room takes up the entire front of the house…. Her TV rises from the unit at the foot of the bed…. 

I literally have about 100 more pictures I could show you… old campaign furniture in the attic, clawfoot tubs, tiny onyx jewel box bathrooms, adorable pairs of benches under every console… There is too much to show in just one post.

But here it is. Grandma’s house in Brooklyn.

I wish I knew how to take better pictures.

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  1. Your Grandma is SWANK! Seriously it is like a dream. I love every inch of it!

  2. Love many elements of the home. You’re Grandmother grandmothered GLAM! thanks for sharing!

  3. Your i mean, not you’re (typo)

  4. That lime green cabinet! OMG! The radiator is fantastic—love the creative problem-solving!

  5. OMG, this is such an AMAZING tour!!! The radiator painted to match the wallpaper is, just, WOW. Thanks for sharing!

  6. GUUUURRRLLLL, your Granmother’s home is beautiful! Simply Amazing. She has great taste.

  7. How in the world could anyone of your Grandma’s progenitors live up to that style..who is your Grandma anyway??? She has off the hook style. I could feel just fine about owning that rug.

  8. Christina says: Watching movies in that den must have been so fun and cozy. I love your grandma’s style. Se feminine. I love her first furniture purchase..lime green was daring even then,no?

  9. This is amazing.Her house should be featured in a magazine.

  10. So that’s where you get it from,FANTASTIC! Sooo much to love and some fab pieces of furniture.

  11. I think Grandama and I should have martini’s soon. She’s got a great eye and a brave design sense. I like it.

  12. Wow, what style your grandmother has. I’m so loving all the green especially that cabinet!


  13. that was unbelievable. Silver-leafed ceiling, silver grass cloth, that lime-green cabinet…I love all of that and so much more. still fresh today – could be in a magazine feature!

    Thanks so much for showing these, Nicole, and thank your Grandmother for us. It was a pleasure to meet her. Please tell her – we want more photos!

  14. That green cabinet! OMG ~ what style grandma has! And the china collection–she not only makes Eddie swoon, but a gal named ABCD who’s maiden name is CUPP!

    Thank your sweet grandma for letting us tour her home.

  15. Wow…I am beside myself. What a time capsule of design!

  16. How lucky you are to have a grandmother that is so gifted and confident in her decorating! I loved looking at her is amazing! My favorite things are the dining room, the green cabinet, the pink master bedroom…and the mix and match mastery in the living room! All I can say is WOW!

  17. Margaret says:

    This house must be preserved at all costs! Elvis would have loved to stay here–this would be perfect for a ’70s movie set. The green cabinet is unbelievable. Please post the attic photos of the campaign furniture. Hugs to Grandma…

  18. Tiffany says:

    For most of this post I thought you were showing us pictures from her Jersey house. Who knew there was all of this in Brooklyn? (And how many times has someone said that?) My grandmother’s house is DECO-FREAKIN-RATED but it’s no where near as cool as your grandma’s house. But I wouldn’t dare tell her that.

  19. Granny is damn chic!

    Where is this house? I’m from Ridgewood (Bergen County). :)

  20. Nicole Cohen says:

    I called Grandma and read her all your comments, she is SO touched! Thanks everyone, I’ve always known how chic she is and Im so happy she let me share her homes with the world!

  21. Grandma’s got some major style- I can see where you get it from!

  22. Is Grandma famous?!! Wow, that cabinet is beautiful and I loved the side tables in the living room too!

  23. WOW WOW WOW. I want to come to your Grandma’s house! That is amazing! She is rockin’ some awesome style!

  24. grandma rocks it out.
    can we see a picture of her?

  25. Jennifer says:

    I want to see the treasures in her closet. I bet there is some vintage Gucci and Halston in there. Do it!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      There is a lot of Chanel and Lanvin. I have some. I wore her Chanel dress as my “going away outfit” at my wedding! Some of her clothes are so damn tiny though! The waists back then were a lot smaller!

      Ill get on that right for you though!

  26. Grandma’s got it going on ! I love that green cabinet.

  27. Beautiful dining room. Looks like vintage Gracie (70’s or earlier). Any idea when it was installed? Thanks!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes that’s exactly correct. I think I mentioned it in the article. It’s Gracie, installed in the 70s. I can check on exact year for you.

  28. chinoiserie wet dreams.

  29. ray says:

    grandma is the best!!!!

  30. Ann says:

    What does Rachel Zoe say? I die? Those white chinoiserie chairs, the lime green cabinet! You should copy them and sell them. Nicole, if you don’t interview your Grandma for a full tour, and how she made all these decisions, and who she worked with, and who made the carpets, you are missing a great opportunity. Please, do it for us, so we can learn something from this great unheralded style icon. We can see where you get your artistic ability and design sense. I have seen A LOT of 70’s rooms, but these are really unique.

  31. Livi says:

    Interview her and post it – love her home!

  32. Linda in AZ * says:

    * We have GOT to be able to “MEET” your FANTABULOUS GRAM… oh pleeease!!!!!!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  33. WOW. Your grandmother is amazing! I need some of these decorating genes!


    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Its crazy isnt it? She did that house 35 years ago!

  34. Nice pics. Good Job at the house. Nuevo Furniture


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