Eclectic: By Elle Decor

I was browsing through the Elle Decor website by room, living room, and style. I chose eclectic.

Some interesting rooms:

Do you like or hate this richly layered, world traveled look?

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  1. it looks cluttered to me

  2. I like an eletic look but not as heavy as these, that’s a not really from me…

  3. i do!! the thing of it is in each of these examples the rooms themselves (filled or empty) are gorgeous. these spaces can take it better than normal house USA. but as a general rule i cannot live with that much shit.

  4. I ‘like’ as a picture… but in a practical sense it seems to be a pain to clean/maintain the balance.

  5. I love it as a style, the layered look really speaks to me. That said, it can be done really great (like the third pic, which I love), but when it’s wrong it’s reallllly wrong. Maybe what works in the 3rd pic is that the backround’s so neutral it doesn’t interfere.

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    I like number 2 and 4…

  7. Eh. A couple of them are decent, but no me gusta overall.

  8. For the most part, I like my eyes to have a few more places to rest. That said, did you see the peridot starburst mirror in pic 1? I love them. LOVE THEM!